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  1. _Lee_

    Budget gaming PC help.

    Good evening chaps, My 12 year old lad is looking for his first gaming PC. We are going to budget between £200-£300 which I know isnt a lot but we wanted to get him something on a budget. I've seen some on Ebay and Amazon for that price but all I want to know is what do I need to look for...
  2. _Lee_

    Just drove KITT

    My darling wife bought me a chance to drive Kitt for a few laps today.Absolutely fantastic :D :D :D By the time i finished i wanted to rush out and buy a leather jacket :lol: Great day!
  3. _Lee_

    last starfighter prototype figures

    Great stuff :D Love the film and have the daybill poster.
  4. _Lee_

    Gary Kurtz has passed away

    Devastated to hear is. A lovely guy aswell as a genius in film making. RI P Gary.
  5. _Lee_

    Microsfot photo editor download

    Hi guys I need to grab a copy of the Microsoft photo editor tool. Can anyone show me a reliable link and not one that gives me a virus!! Thanks Lee
  6. _Lee_

    Need help with blurred photos.

    Hey guys, My kids were mascots for Luton Town last night and I got some photos using my phone. It is quite a decent camera but some photos are pretty blurred. Is there anyone here who knows how to rectify blurred pics?? Cheers Lee
  7. _Lee_

    Retro gaming/raspberry pie

    So I'm looking to get some retro gaming gear for the man cave and I'm looking at one of the Raspberry pie set ups. Anyone here got one or can explain to me exactly what the little ****er is?? I know its the worlds smallest PC etc , but apparently you can get virtually any retro game for it. Can...
  8. _Lee_

    John Mollo RIP

    Gutted :cry: John was a genius and thanks to his ideas we have memories at will never die. RIP Lee
  9. _Lee_

    Apart from the Star Wars Trilogy what were your three most favourite childhood films

    Goonies Honky Tonk Freeway -hilarious film :D Dark Crystal Got to mention Flight of the Navigator and the last starfighter too :D
  10. _Lee_

    any guitarists on here know about multi effects pedals?

    Yeah, I've got 3 M/FX pedals plus a Peavey Vypyr effects amp. :D Any idea what unit it is mate? Name??
  11. _Lee_

    Don't forget to vote........................for Corbyn.

    Excellent post and right on the money.
  12. _Lee_

    RIP Chris Cornell

    Gutted, BHS is one of my favourite songs. Another genius has left us too early.
  13. _Lee_

    Which SW quotes do you use in life?

    "Your eyes can deceive you, dont trust them" Always been a favorite of mine and something i live by.
  14. _Lee_

    Hoping to do a charity run for Meningitis now.

    Thanks Spoons To he honest, this has probably been the toughest 2 weeks of my life. The past year has been up and down, but this really tested me. When i was told that i could only take my kids into the ICU ward to say goodbye to their mother if she took a turn for the worst made it really hit...
  15. _Lee_

    Hoping to do a charity run for Meningitis now.

    Hey Steve, Ill be doing the Luton half marathon :) i just want to do something and dedicate it to my wife. They are always laughing how unfit i am and its time to get fit for a good cause :)
  16. _Lee_

    Hoping to do a charity run for Meningitis now.

    Thanks lads. Its been a torrid time. Dads stroke before xmas and now this. Its tested me. Im really geared up to do this run though. Ive never done anything like it before.
  17. _Lee_

    Hoping to do a charity run for Meningitis now.

    Have been absent from the forums for the past two weeks as my wife had a run in with bacterial Meningitis on the 17th January. She came home from work on the Monday with a raging headache (so we thought) and after a night of being sick and in a lot of pain, I called an ambulance on the Tuesday...
  18. _Lee_

    I wonder what I will find at the local car boot sale this year?

    And so do i...and it isnt crap :mrgreen: The film was shocking but the toy line was the best since the early days☺
  19. _Lee_

    Today on Facebook...

    Absolute bollocks. The only problem is that people need to learn how to get out and meet people and enjoy the hobby for what it is, not for what it can earn. I would love to have seen how some of these 'collectors' would have coped in the early days, when you had to do real legwork to find...
  20. _Lee_

    "To Be Fair"

    :lol: You cant even speak English Rich :D :lol: (j/k) As Iain said, its a British thing which is more commonly known as orthadox bullshit :D We do like to drag things out and exaggerate a little.
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