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    Couple of ESB MOC's

    Couple of ESB's to find my trilogo mission! Hammerhead is very nice, staple holes to top of card. Bubble nice and clear £125 Luke Hoth, has a frosty foot and edgewear, otherwise very nice! Pending..
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    WTB Trilogo MOC's

    Looking for any of the following Trilogos I know some are wishful thinking lol! Thanks for any leads! :-) Adam Sand Person Darth Vader Jawa Boba Fett Death Star Droid TIE Pilot Rebel Soldier Rebel Commander Leia Hoth Luke Hoth Lando Calrissian Imperial Commander Zuckuss Ugnaught...
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    Graded ROTJ MOCS for sale

    Hi all have these graded for sale AFA85 Zuckuss, lovely card and clear bubble £130 AFA80Y Lando, nice unpunched card £100 AFA80Y Canadian Nikto, £80 AFA85Y Rebel Soldier £120 Thanks for looking!
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    FS/FT POTF 85Y A Wing Pilot MOC

    Hi all, looking for £180 for this very nice A Wing Pilot, subs are C85 B85 F90, or willing to trade for Trilogo MOC(s) Thanks for looking Adam
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    Have ESB & POTF MOC, Want ROTJ & TRI MOC

    Hi all, Changing my focus a bit so have the following Id like to trade for either the ROTJ or TRI Equivalents ESB IG 88 Bespin Security Guard (Black) Palitoy Han Hoth Luke Hoth Leia Hoth Hamnerhead POTF Barada Luke Poncho Lando General Amanaman Romba Warok Han Carbonite Luke Stormtrooper A...
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    Starting the MOC's up again :-)

    Still plugging away at my goal of all 96 production figures on a good assortment of cardback types! Now down to only three to get! Argh!! :-D Adam
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    Couple of ROTJ MOC's

    Hi all, Couple of ROTJ MOC's for sale. ATAT Commander 65A, small sticker tear, little edge wear, bubble is dent and crack free and quite clear. £40 Shipped. (Pending) Emperors Royal Guard Bubble is dent and crack free and yellowed, card has a few scuffs and edge wear, £45 shipped. Thanks
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    My MOC quest update!

    I'm getting there! :-D
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    Loosies for sale & SW 20 back DSD Partial Reseal

    Hi all, got some bargain loose figures for sale! Pic 1 all NO COO! Han £10 Dengar £6 (back yellowed) Lando SOLD! Vader £8 (blank raised bar) Leia Boushh £15 ATAT Commander (PBP, has paint on back) SOLD! All others £6 (Stormy SOLD) Pic 2 HK or Taiwan COO Dengars £6 Teebo £8 Luke Jedi £15 Obi...
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    Partial Reseals

    Anyone have a clue what these are worth? Cheers, Adam
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    ROTJ MOC's needed to complete the run!!

    Hi all, desperately looking for any of these on the list in good condition for my ROTJ run, thanks for any help! Luke Sywalker Princess Leia Han Solo Walrus Man Snaggletooth Cloud Car Pilot Yoda Rebel Commander White Bespin Guard Luke Bespin Han Bespin Luke Hoth Han Hoth C3PO...
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    Couple more baggies!

    Teebo UKG90 and Pruneface AFA85 £45 each shipped or both for £80! Adam
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    For Sale, small baggie collection! Reduced!!

    Raising more funds for my MOC focus, so selling off my small baggie collection. Dengar UKG85 £35 was £40! Emperor £20 was £25! Nikto £25 was £30! Or take all 3 for £70 shipped!! Adam
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    My All New MOC Focus

    Not shown anything in a while, been working on this project (obsession) lol. In July last year I bought my first MOC, and decided to set myself the quest of getting each character on each card it was released on (a lot). Well this is how it's going so far, and I'll keep it updated as I further...
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    Lili Ledy and other nice loosies! Ledy prices added.

    Making a bit more room in my man cupboard :-) Postage is £2.50 per figure sent 1st Class Recorded. Paypal preferred, buyer to pay fees. 1. Lili Ledy Tie Fighter Pilot. Great paintwork, minor scuff on one boot, helmet decals perfect, both shoulder decals have some rubbing. Tight Limbs. £20 2...
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    Lili Ledy Loosies

    Thinking of selling some loosies, can anyone tell me the going rate for the following in good condition without weapons/accessories? Tie Fighter Pilot Short Mouth Biker Scout Chief Chirpa Chewbacca Squidhead (with cloak) Gamourrean Guard Bib Fortuna (with cloak and staff) Cheers :-) Adam
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    Clipper mail away Darth Vader variant (price drop)

    Very nice variant Darth with rugose cape but sadly no saber, in excellent condition! Asking £15 (now £10) Happy to sell or trade :-) Cheers Adam
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    Just had this arrive! Guess what I'm making :-)

    Ha! :-)
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    Loose variation stocktake

    Uh...going to take a while :-) lol. Thought I'd give them an airing and get a nice group shot! Adam
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    MIB A Wing

    Put this up in the trade section but no interest yet, any ideas what I would get for it if I sold? Pics are in the trade thread :-) Cheers, Adam
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