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    Very old Fake Red Cape Bib Fortuna?

    Yup, looks fake to me.
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    John Kellerman RIP

    Given what he has done for SW, I’m more than happy for this to stay here. RIP
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    Need help afa purchase

    As the others have said, it won’t grade 80 with a lifting bubble. That COULD have happened in transit, but the seller hasn’t exactly pushed the boat out on highlighting the issue, if the picture you included was all he provided. Just open an “item not as described” case with Evilbay and you’ll...
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    Sad news regarding forum member Declan McCafferty AKA chipsteak

    That is fantastic. A real credit to him and his family that even at that tough time they were able to get SW, and a joke, in to his funeral. Brilliant touch. It made me smile. I’m sure he would have been the same. RIP
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    Removing mould inside bubble?

    That looks like a very deliberately chosen photo. The seller knew rightly and was chancing his arm.
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    Sad news regarding forum member Declan McCafferty AKA chipsteak

    Sad to hear, and so young as well. Rest in peace
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    Christmas tat 2020

    That’s a “mini me/Edd” if ever I saw one!
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    Happy Birthday SWFUK!

    Scary scary. Those old designs bring back memories. 8) 8) Not many of us from the original line up left.
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    New forum features

    Sorted now, I had to reset my password for some reason. Ahh well.
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    New forum features

    Anyone else having trouble with PP when they try to renew their subscription? It doesn’t seem to like me (insert your own funny comment)
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    Latest Acquisitions

    I got lost, I’ll head back to the football threads in OT now. Unless anyone else is gonnabe very inconsiderate and make me do some actual moderating!?
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    Latest Acquisitions

    We have other non football threads!? On a SW forum!? :o
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    Latest Acquisitions

    Sorted theforceuk ! The cheek of making me do some actual moderating! :shock: :lol:
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    large item acrylic cases ?

    Nah, I bought it graded. No harm in dropping UKGraders an email and asking what the approx postage costs for a case would be, they should be able to give you a ball park figure. Then you can ask if you could collect and drop off a few items to be graded while you do. Or drop off the items first...
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    large item acrylic cases ?

    I bought a graded one. The packaging was about the same size as that for a washing machine/dishwasher. That was about 10 years ago, but the shuttle hasn't changed in size. Postage is now worked out on size and weight though. So while it won’t weigh much it is huge and it could add a fair bit to...
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    Value of graded items in comparison to grades?

    I’ll check it out. I’ve heard Jarjar binks is great
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    Value of graded items in comparison to grades?

    Have we talked about it before!? Do I know you!? WTF is Star Wars!?
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    Value of graded items in comparison to grades?

    More like 15 years. I remember looking at it when I was starting out and thinking I would buy it if i ever won the lottery. God knows what he has paid in listings fees but sure. Gotta disagree here. In my experience there is, or was, a massive drop off in price once you go below AFA80. If you...
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    James Martin / Waltham Wookiee

    Only seeing this now. I didn't know James but going by what people have said above he was a great guy. Horrible to see anyone go so young. RIP
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    Found an old photo with some vintage SW

    Pm sent regarding the moderating. As far as that “joke” goes, it’s not a word I have ever used in real life, but I should not have included it in the “joke” when I reposted it. It was 11 yrs ago, but it was not my finest hour. I hold my hands up to that and apologise to anyone offended by it...
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