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    Original Star Wars Props ? Help Identify these chairs!

    No worries, good luck finding the source.
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    Palitoy 'Land of the Jawas'

    For just £100 more you could also proudly own the Cantina playset (base and stands...): Do I take it you're not tempted @peekaygee73 ?!
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    Original Star Wars Props ? Help Identify these chairs!

    Having just rewatched each of the three prequel films with your post in mind, these items can't be placed in any scenes which made the final theatrical cuts. Sorry that doesn't help assist with your task at all, but hope at least that helps narrow down your search.
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    New Vintage Book

    I've backed this one too, always been keen on a copy of the John Kellerman book but could never justify the cost. Initial layouts look really good, pleased to see a nice design-led publication which is what Kickstarter is often good for.
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    Anybody successful at Vectis today ?

    I picked up an AT-ST driver baggie and a boxed Rebel Transporter, really happy with both. In fairness I'm only just looking to belatedly fill gaps in a childhood collection, so not super precious about mint condition or packaging (also don't have the bank balance to match that given some of...
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    EBay, or not Ebay

    I can't speak of commission rates for selling, but I have picked up a few pieces via Vectis who regularly auction full collections or groups of figures broken down into series / era. Individual last 17 always seem to do particularly well, as do single baggies and carded in all states. If you...
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