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  1. naughtyjedi

    Farthest From XXI Sunday 1st of December

    The Vintage Rebellion Podcast are aiming to get Issue 4 of our fanzine - It came from the Loft - out for the event (and a poster.. ). We are after some articles; can be a rant, a reminisce, an overview of your collection, a daft image you saw recently, could be anything really.. its a fanzine...
  2. naughtyjedi

    The next FF.

    Whats the story on FF... any news?
  3. naughtyjedi

    The next FF.

    i think theres supposed to be one in August.. I havent been to one for almost a year.. so fingers crossed
  4. naughtyjedi

    The next FF.

    Sadly I haven't been to the last two, due to football commitments. At xmas where I am usually rewarded with bad weather all football is off, this xmas event I had a game Saturday then on the Sunday and all favours had been called in. For this may event, it was the final game of the girls I coach...
  5. naughtyjedi

    Furthest From 2018 dates

    dont forget the lovely bus service too.. i think theres a last bus at 1230 from fordingbridge to ringwood
  6. naughtyjedi

    Farthest From XVI - 9th and 10th December 2017

    I have a handful of issue ones still for sale and bunch of issue 2s. I know some have said they really want the mp3 for the tape, but I'd love you guys to seek out a tape player and send us your stories of how you listened to the tape. I have images of you guys sitting in grandparents (or your...
  7. naughtyjedi

    Farthest From XIV Sunday May 7th 2017

    hey collecting freaks.. i have access to a really posh minibus (posh in terms of it being very new), just wondered if any midland types would be interested in gathering in the midlands area and hopping down to the fordingbridge on the day (or night before). fuel costs would be pretty cheap (a...
  8. naughtyjedi

    Celebration Orlando Collecting Track Announcement Thread

    rob.. my rule of thumb last time in anaheim, was for the smaller panels (not the stadium ones) was to get there a couple of hours before. For saturday just choose panels and a queuing strategy and largely ignore the shop floor. It was insane there that day and you could barely move and I'm not...
  9. naughtyjedi

    Celebration 8 roll call

    Staying in the cockroach plaza with my mate Christian, somewhere... will be arriving afternoon wednesday, departing the following wednesday.
  10. naughtyjedi

    Star Wars Celebration 8 Orlando April 13th - 16th 2017

    looks like they are trying to drive people into being more selective of their days. Saturday in anaheim was bonkers compared to thursday and friday.
  11. naughtyjedi

    Star Wars Celebration 8 Orlando April 13th - 16th 2017

    got mine last night... now sold out.. phew. not sure I like these tactics of REEDPOP. Why not just put a deadline on the 4day passes. Then everyone knows where they stand. Its a highly effective way of guaranteeing more sales quickly, but its a bit shitty to do it around xmas.
  12. naughtyjedi

    Hotel for celebration 2017

    i got it for 1 stop (Dublin), if you go through the booking, you can choose, or mix and match or pay a bit extra. Be careful of stops via canada as you have to pay to land apparently.
  13. naughtyjedi

    Hotel for celebration 2017

    Sorted.. me and a mate, 7 nights in a hotel (not too shabby) a tram thing ride away or a walk, £540 each including flight. Bargain!!! See you there space freaks ebookers has a bunch of deals for around the £500 mark flight and hotel
  14. naughtyjedi

    Celebration Emoji Pins

    anyone have a spare rey pin.. I'm up for it.. :o
  15. naughtyjedi

    SWF member CE badges, give-aways & other "swag" items!

    literally as i posted the link, ecwid the store hosts had a massive time out and everything went down for 10 minutes or so. Please try again as it should be fine now (it must be, as people are placing orders)...
  16. naughtyjedi

    SWF member CE badges, give-aways & other "swag" items!

    APPS? MOBILE PHONES? EBOOKS? ALL THAT SORT OF THING? NEVER AGAIN!! It is finally here. The Vintage Rebellion Podcast fanzine: It Came From The Loft issue 1 (it may only have one issue). Its full of vintage related stuff, cover by the gorgeous Mark Daniels (and the title) and articles from the...
  17. naughtyjedi

    Star Wars Celebration Europe 3 - July 15th - 17th 2016

    So true Ben As soon as that hit, the podcasts who carry the same news all the time just ceased coverage of CE3 and turned to Orlando, despite there being nothing announced. Really tossy thing to do, as not knowing if there is one for a couple of years keeps the anticipation going and means...
  18. naughtyjedi

    Star Wars Celebration Europe 3 - July 15th - 17th 2016

    theres a hotwheels boba fett (prototype) figure.. car thing
  19. naughtyjedi

    CE: 14th July SWF Early Bird Meet [email protected] The Fox Excel & China Palace

    not too much carnage please.. celebrations are long and queuey, I don't want stu's curry repeating when we are manning the Vintage Rebellion table
  20. naughtyjedi

    Farthest From XI - Date Announced

    likewise.. but only from him.. nobody else
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