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  1. Ruby2511

    Hoth item's

    Hi, I'm after a leg for my vintage probot droid, also these ringed 👍😁 Thanks Russ 😁👍
  2. Ruby2511

    Dame Barbara Windsor

    So so sad to hear that one of our most loved actresses has passed away. Barbara Windsor was a very talented and funny actress. She will be fondly remembered for her Carry On roles as well as the formidable Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders. God bless you Barbara and may you rest in peace xx
  3. Ruby2511

    Been thinking???

    Hi All Although I love vintage collecting and will carry on the loose collection, I am being drawn to POTF freeze frame action slide moc's. Been surfing Ebay and looked a bit deeper into these, I have always liked the card graphics and also the little film cell frame thingy. Just wanted to...
  4. Ruby2511

    Geoffrey Palmer

    Another great actor has been taken!!! Used to love watching him especially butterflies......RIP.
  5. Ruby2511

    Empire strikes back toy line poster

    Hi does anybody have a spare Empire Strikes Back toy line poster they are looking to part with, I have the Return of the Jedi poster that I am going to frame. Would love an Empire one to complement it. Please pm me 😁 Thanks Russ
  6. Ruby2511

    Darth Vader tie fighter battery cover

    Hi All, Has anyone got a spare battery cover for original vintage Darth Vader tie fighter? Please PM me 👍😁 Kind Regards Russ
  7. Ruby2511

    Looking for back drops

    Hi All, I'm looking for some advice as to were to look for some A4 backdrops or background pictures to print and laminate for some vintage dioramas I'm planning on creating at the back of my shelves to make the collection look a bit more interesting, I'm looking for Endor forest, Hoth, Mos...
  8. Ruby2511

    Vintage Tauntaun reins

    Hi Guys I'm looking for a set of reins for my vintage Tauntaun, doesn't matter if they are spilt where the rider holds them. Please PM if anybody has one spare or are willing to let go 😉 Cheers Russ
  9. Ruby2511

    Lightsaber build

    Hi All, Been looking for a while for a budget friendly lightsaber build and found this guy on YouTube. In my opinion this has got to be one of the best and reasonably easy ones I have seen, so I have put the link below to the tutorial and will be posting my own build as it progresses, probably...
  10. Ruby2511

    Happy Star Wars Day

    May the 4th be with you all 😉 Stay safe everyone and your families and friends
  11. Ruby2511

    Collectables places at Scarborough

    Hi, does anybody know of any places in or near Scarborough that does vintage Star Wars ? Off this weekend with the Mrs :wink:
  12. Ruby2511

    Feedback for s1d0w

    After I posted a latest acquisition relating to an ewok catapult my better half had bought me that was missing the boulders, I was messaged by Simon to let me know that he had seen a set of boulders for it in a place in Dorset and he was up that way and would he like me to pick them up and post...
  13. Ruby2511

    Nice Hat !!!!!

    Seen this listing on Ebay, thought I would share :lol:
  14. Ruby2511

    Funny listing

    Saw this figure listed on Ebay and thought I would share, thought it was funny :lol:
  15. Ruby2511

    Is this legit ???

    Seen this for sale and would like some advice please. Is the autograph legitimate? Listing says it been signed by Ralph Mcquarrie? Hope somebody could advise :D
  16. Ruby2511

    What a strange listing !!!!

    What a strange listing :shock:
  17. Ruby2511

    your favourite guitar solo ?

    Not sure if this has been done before? But here goes....been downloading music this evening to my ipod and thought, why not ask the question to my fellow forum members, so what is your favourite guitar solo of all time? Mine is Hotel California by The Eagles. Classic song that I never get bored...
  18. Ruby2511

    Russell's collection (Ruby2511)

    So......i have been thinking of ways to display my collection from a Detolf cabinet to shelves in my mancave/garage pub ??? Then the other day my wife said "why don't you get some shelves and put them in the landing area"??? "that can be your area"!!! Naturally i grasped her idea and went to...
  19. Ruby2511

    Holy ****

    Seen this listing on ebay, now that is serious cash to shell out, lovely presentation i must say :D
  20. Ruby2511

    Burt Reynolds has passed away

    Just got a newsfeed message come up on my phone to say that Burt Reynolds has passed away (82) Apparently it was cardiac arrest. He was a brilliant actor and i used to watch loads of his films when i was a kid. He will be sadly missed.
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