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  1. Sundancer Squadron

    I'm alive :)

    Thought id better put a post up, couple of you had sent a few pm's checking in on me as I had been MIA for a fair while. Recovered after a nasty dose of c19, it put me into a stage where I had to revaluate life in general. New career change, and have also started to slowly build a youtube...
  2. Sundancer Squadron

    Loose figures complete.

    Its time to work through my spares/doubles and pass them on, shillings will go towards other goodies and my main vintage focus oh and some modern thrown in. All are complete, some rubs in places on a few so please examine the images. If you need anymore images, just let me know. I think I have...
  3. Sundancer Squadron

    Wanted, AT-AT Drivers/Commander and FX7

    Looking for the following, nice clean minty ones please but no weapons needed. AT-AT drivers x2 AT-AT Commander Fx-7 That will do for now
  4. Sundancer Squadron

    Rebel Transporter parts needed, and a snow trooper skirt.

    Need the following parts to complete a recent acquisition. Escape hatch ramp Also need a nice Snowtrooper skirt
  5. Sundancer Squadron

    ESB Cardbacks, bubbles and some parts Updated

    Morning all I'm thinking about putting together a small run of Hoth related ESB mocs on a budget, just to have a bit of fun really so ill be looking for the following. Hoth Rebel trooper card back and bubble Hoth Rebel commander and bubble Hoth Luke Hoth Han--------(Aquired) Think that will...
  6. Sundancer Squadron

    A warning for collectors.

    Like in all areas of society, vermin run rampant unchecked and unseen. Some are retailers themselves (I know of two at least), others less obvious. Make sure your collections and household is secure. This...
  7. Sundancer Squadron

    Endor/Poncho Luke belt and other accessories.

    Over the next week or so ill be listing a few spares and some loose figures once I work though them all, ill change the title when needed. Luke belt good overall condition, no damage. If you require more images let me know, looking for £35 (includes postage). Top Leia Poncho-Clean and...
  8. Sundancer Squadron

    Luke Skywalker Poncho Belt

    Currently going through some of my vintage figures and parts box and realised that my Endor Leia had lukes belt on, luckily I have the correct one spare. Might let the spare Luke one go as I already have a complete figure. I am kind of suspicious of it though, if anyone could give it a check and...
  9. Sundancer Squadron

    Archived Ewok village complete (SOLD)

    Going to put this recent acquisition up on here as its outside of my collecting focus and id much rather it go to a forum member. Hopefully I have priced it fairly, if not I am open to offers and also open to trades. Overall condition Its clean and complete, with all the accessories including...
  10. Sundancer Squadron

    Tatooine Luke Sabre, some blasters.

    Need to complete a few recently acquired figures and need the following. Tatooine Luke sabre with tip Blue/black rebel blaster for Han Black rebel blaster for Endor trench coat Han Money or parts to trade available 8) Anyone got some?
  11. Sundancer Squadron

    The Listening Post.

    If a forum section mod could make this a sticky for everyone that would be great and beneficial to all... Venturing out into the unknown region and have found some good information, or know of inbound releases from our favourite retailers? Then give us a heads up. I know many of you like...
  12. Sundancer Squadron

    Acrylic MOC cases

    Need a bunch of Acrylic MOC cases if anyone has a few they dont need? Thought id try here before I put in an order.
  13. Sundancer Squadron

    Rebel transporter and other Hoth related things-Updated list

    Thank you to everyone thats helped me source a few bits so far, now looking for the following for my Hoth focus Tauntaun reins Tripod laser cannon-Boxed Empire box and preferably Palitoy but would be happy with a Kenner in ROTJ box Radar laser cannon-As above Snow trooper skirt Hoth rebel...
  14. Sundancer Squadron

    Wanted- star cases/acrylic cases

    Could do with a bunch of star and acrylic cases if anyone has some before I go hunting? Cheers
  15. Sundancer Squadron DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

    I'm really not having much luck with trying other retailers for all things starwars am I....... Ok so here goes. Checked their site, all seems legit even a brick and morter store. So I decided id pull the trigger on the Hot toys Delux Endor luke that they had in stock and received payment and...
  16. Sundancer Squadron

    A few affordable ROTJ mocs

    Afternoon all, sorting through some of my spare bits and doubles in the collection that id like to move on to fund some future purchases. Hopefully I have priced them reasonably, and describe the condition well enough. Id rather these go to other forum members only, first up a couple of mocs...
  17. Sundancer Squadron

    ROTJ Logray

    Afternoon all, picked up a few bits and bobs from someone local and managed to pick this ROTJ Logray. Something about it though apart from its condition just seems a bit off with me, the unpunched hanger tag seems a bit off but I could be wrong. A second opinion with your experienced eyes would...
  18. Sundancer Squadron

    New shiny things

    Hmmmm decisions, what do I get...... or Anyone tempted? I'm loving the Hoth stuff so far, wonder what else we will get.
  19. Sundancer Squadron

    Projects and restorations (vintage)

    Thought id start a little thread on the often laborious task of completing a child hood toy or something in your collection, this could be a figure or a vehicle as well as packaging/boxes. A lot of us do collect with a budget, or enjoy (like myself) hunting for parts to rebuild the unloved or...
  20. Sundancer Squadron

    X-wing parts and stickers

    Doing a rescue of an Palitoy wing and need the following bits 1 weapon R2 droid top (in a good state please) Also the following x-wing stickers required as I really dont want to go down the ropro path -.- Stickers for both wing tops, also the long yellow one for the top of the fuselage,and...
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