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  1. TK-7785

    Various MOCs and Kenner trade catalogue

    Hi guys, Long time no see. Hope everyone is doing well. I've decided to thin things down a bit over the coming months but have been out of the loop on values for about a year now. I'd rally appreciate some values on the following MOCs and an '84 Kenner trade catalogue. Cheers Chris 77 Back...
  2. TK-7785

    Snowspeeder parts

    I'm looking for a pair (2x) of the rear engine thrusters for a Snowspeeder. Don't need to be mint. Ta!
  3. TK-7785

    N64 Games

    I recently dug out and set up my old N64 but seem to have mislaid my copies of Rogue Squadron, Shadows Of The Empire and Episode 1 Racer. Can anyone recommend any trust worthy traders? I'd like to avoid ebay if possible.
  4. TK-7785

    Painted helmet Fett

    Got a nice painted helmet Fett for sale. Some paint wear and minor discolouration, limbs are good and stiff. £115 plus postage and PP fees.
  5. TK-7785

    Whole bunch of MOCs for sale.

    A) Kenner Rebel Commando, 77a back, China: Very clean, damage free card. Bubble is pristine, no cracks, dings, dents or lifting. £90 F&F (or plus fees) + £8 Special Delivery SOLD B) Kenner Rebel Commando, 77a back, China: Very clean, damage free card, slight veining on the back from where...
  6. TK-7785

    The Retro Collection Continues...

    Saw this on Yakface earlier. Rumour has it that The Retro Collection isn't dead. If this is true, it seems like Hasblow have missed the trick even more so than the first Star Wars wave. Absolutely no new characters/figures that we never got back in the day, just reproductions of orignal figures...
  7. TK-7785

    Archived Lando General MOC POTF MINT! SOLD

    Absolutely stunning condition Lando General POTF MOC for sale. Hard to fault. Bubble is completely free of any dents, dings or cracks, is fully sealed. Card is beautiful, un-pucnhed, rich colours, no creases or veining, no edge wear. Looking for £250 posted via Special Delivery. Will be very...
  8. TK-7785

    Jedi Fallen Order

    Anyone else been playing this yet? I think it's awesome! I've pretty much rinsed through it and it's left me wanting more. Massive, beautifully designed maps/worlds, great story and fantastic lightsaber combat
  9. TK-7785 completely screwed!?

    Since their last big algorithm change, as of a couple of weeks ago I think, my experience is that it's utterly crap now. From my homepage I get zero recommendations 95% of the time (literally an almost blank page with one video from my subscriptions) and when I do get recommendations it's for...
  10. TK-7785

    Old SW Games you'd like to see remade...

    I read recently there's a fan remaking Dark Forces in the Unreal engine... I really hope this sees the light of day. I've got a real soft spot for the 90s EU games; Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, Rogue Squadron, Shadows Of The Empire etc. Any or all of those...
  11. TK-7785

    Minty complete Falcon...with a twist...

    I'm finding this one a tricky one to value. It's a very clean, mint and complete Falcon but it has never had stickers applied (apart from the chess table). I've inspected it very, very closely and I can find zero evidence of stickers having ever been applied. So what do you reckon, does that...
  12. TK-7785

    TK-7785's Sales Thread - MOCs, Mint Loose Complete and more

    I have MOCs, lots of loose complete figures, some 12" figures, vehicles, boxes...all sorts. All prices listed are exclusive of postage and PP fees (friends and family is fine if you wish). Everything will be very well packaged and protected to the best of my ability. It goes without saying that...
  13. TK-7785

    My California Trip - Rancho Obi-Wan and Endor!

    My girlfriend and I just took and amazing trip to Northern California and Oregon and I obviously had to make the trip to Rancho Obi-Wan and make a visit to the Redwoods where I hoped to track down one of the filming locations for Endor in Return Of The Jedi, the Speeder Bike chase backplate...
  14. TK-7785

    ****ing ebay twats!

    I know this has been covered numerous times, but I needed to rant... I won four lots from a seller (other non-SW vintage toy lines); two lots on one day and then two more a few days later. By the time I won the second couple I asked for the seller to combine postage as one items was just a...
  15. TK-7785

    POTF Endor Chase

    Just in case anyone here is bidding or thinking of bidding on this item it's worth noting that this is a put together set with the wrong instructions. The only "rare" item here is the box itself. In my opinion someone is already paying way too much for this set. Minus the box you have about £150...
  16. TK-7785

    "Trilogo" Fetts

    I'm thinking about thinning the herd and looking for some current values on these three chaps. Left to right; Painted knee/painted dart (PBP?), painted knee/unpainted dart, unpainted knee/unpainted dart. All have good to stiff limbs and good to excellent paint. Cheers Chris
  17. TK-7785

    Stupidity know no bounds...

    In the seller's own words... "The box has been opened in order to photograph the contents". :roll: A. Why on earth would you open a sealed...
  18. TK-7785

    Beater Ewoks Wanted

    I'm after a beater Paploo, Warok and Lumat. Must have all limbs and no major damage (ie no gouged/melted faces etc). No accessories needed. Cheers Chris
  19. TK-7785

    Fordingbridge Toy Collectors Fair

    For those not on the Bookface, Dave Tree has announced the next Fordingbridge Toy Collectors Fair at the Fordingbridge Town Hall on Sunday 28th of April, 10-4. Should keep some of us tied over till the next FF.
  20. TK-7785

    Episode 9...your personal feelings *No Spoilers*

    The 'Rate TLJ' thread seems to have taken flight again and it got me wondering what the general feeling is towards Episode 9, in terms of your personal desire to see it. Now I don't want to start a **** flinging contest like previous arguments over TLJ, everyone is entitled to their opinions...
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