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  1. coomber75

    help contacting michael vandon

    hi guys, wondered if anyone had the contact details for Michael, im hoping hes ok but not getting any answers to my emails about an item i bought ... thanks
  2. coomber75

    Archived a few loose graded please archive now sold

    just a few loose graded that I've swapped out with upgrades to sit in front of my moc. ugnaught graded 85 £70 dsc 80 graded £65 tusken graded 80 £70 r5 graded 80 £85 pd graded 80 £80 postage at cost
  3. coomber75

    bobba sw cardback and bubble

    hi guys, so posted about getting sw back bobba to finish therun... seeming a bitout of price range so suggestion was reseal... any leads appreciated
  4. coomber75

    fett sw moc price guide

    hi guys... im thinking of taking the plunge on the last sw back i need any ideas what price i should expect to pay? also any leads appreciated am also now looking for any help on a reseal option
  5. coomber75

    Archived few loose please remove niw sold

    gammy guards 28 posted now being sold seperately at 4 each bounty hunters 37 posted now sold seperately hammy 9 snag 6 bosk 7 greedo 10
  6. coomber75

    Archived few loose please archive

    just a few bits prices shown on each row bottom row 1 each snow speeder working electronics but no block 40 shells offers
  7. coomber75

    Archived few loose please archive

    prices per line 1 postage for 3 thin 3.25 for more in UK
  8. coomber75

    weapons help

    hi guys, been trying to make sense of the weapons guide on here, and to be honest I'm not sure how much further forward I am, I think they are legit and most are I believe v4 s but the repros are so good I could be wrong, all float and most look good, one bespin blaster has strange guard and...
  9. coomber75

    Archived stationary set sold please archive

    as per valuation page nice stationary set pencil top missing and x1 tip lost of a crayon other than that nice example £30 posted
  10. coomber75

    star wars stationary set

    any idea guys only thing that seems a downside is the tip of one of the crayons
  11. coomber75

    radio controlled r2

    radio controlled r2 help required just got this fella stunning condition all contact points look clean but when i put batteries he sort of give a squeak but stops at that... any ideas??
  12. coomber75

    Archived prune and greedo mocs price update feb 15 sold please archive

    spanish greedo moc veining as shown 145 now 140 prune nice card sime bubble crush 95 now 85 postage is to be agreed probaly about 8 uk any extra pics just ask
  13. coomber75

    nec sunday feb

    anyone going / selling this sunday... cant make up my mind as nec is a bit hit and miss now
  14. coomber75

    rogue one bag

    present from my wife :D
  15. coomber75

    greedo and han sw baack mocs

    last two needed to upgrade from reseals...
  16. coomber75

    Rotj greedo

    Hi all Spanish rotj greedo, yellowed bubble and couple of bits of veining Need to try and recoup what I paid 170 plus postage
  17. coomber75

    Spanish moc greedo

    Spanish greedo nice card and bubble may have been re touched at top but rest seems good any idea if it's worth above average
  18. coomber75

    Ebay postage

    OK so what do I do... Bought a graded figure off a chap on ebay he sent it out arrived at mine I was out so went back to depot I went to collect it the next day, but it had been sent back to Cambridge office as there wasn't a return address on it, let the seller know asked if he could help sent...
  19. coomber75

    Die cast loose and loose figures 2.11

    So been upgrading over last few months and by that I mean I've been very picky over tiniest scratch etc so here's what I had on display but now letting go gone for the best pics possible anny more just ask Cloud car probably the worst of the bunch 20 Cruiser no blockade runner 12 Falcon belting...
  20. coomber75

    imperial troop transport battery cover

    just got a loose one with no cover... any outh there
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