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  1. Snaketibe

    TVC Shoretrooper 4-Pack

    I see that the latest TVC 4-Pack has been announced and is up for sale on the Hasbro Pulse websites. The US price is $41.99, however the UK price is £62.99!! Even by the disgusting standards of UK rip-off price hikes, this one is as egregious as it is outrageous! I have therefore just sent...
  2. Snaketibe

    Jimmy Greaves - RIP

    England, Tottenham and Chelsea legend Jimmy Greaves has died aged 81. The greatest goalscorer this country has ever produced, his records in the game have stood for decades, and will take quite some beating! When I was young, I first came to know him through 'Saint and Greavsie', the ITV...
  3. Snaketibe

    Sean Lock - RIP

    Sean Lock has died aged 58 One of my favourite and funniest comedians, I simply loved him on '8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown', and other shows like 'QI'. I saw him live on stage about 10 years ago and spent the whole night laughing my...
  4. Snaketibe

    Have I bought a repro cape?

    I recently bought a nice light brown Sand People figure that was advertised as being all original, including the cape. The seller advised that 'This is the rare, 1st issue variant that was only released on the first run of 12 back A cards', although he was referring mainly to the light brown...
  5. Snaketibe

    J W Rinzler RIP

    Star Wars film book author J W Rinzler has passed away aged 58 He wrote the excellent trilogy of 'The making of' Star Wars books, as well as ones for the Indiana Jones films and both Alien and Aliens. Rest...
  6. Snaketibe

    Email Preferences Query

    I am hoping someone can help me please. I love this forum and have no intention of leaving it, however I am trying to get used to the new look version. Sadly, I am finding the new one less clear and user-friendly than its more streamlined and simpler predecessor, but hopefully that will...
  7. Snaketibe

    Richard Donner RIP

    Director Richard Donner has passed away aged 91. He directed so many great films in his lifetime (Superman, The Goonies, the Lethal Weapon films, The Omen, Scrooged, Maverick, to name a few), and by all accounts he was also a really nice...
  8. Snaketibe

    Tonnika Sisters Petition

    If you'd like to see these figures finally get made in the modern line, please sign the petition below to let Hasbro and Lucasfilm know how we feel. Thanks. And here's more information from the lady that started the petition regarding why these figures haven't yet...
  9. Snaketibe

    Another Rarity! Not an item you see very often!
  10. Snaketibe

    John Kellerman RIP

    Rebelscum are reporting the sad news that John Kellerman, author of the seminal collecting book, "Vintage Star Wars Action Figures" has passed away after a brief battle with Leukemia. [Apologies if this post...
  11. Snaketibe

    Made me laugh :-)

    Rey suffers an unfortunate accident
  12. Snaketibe

    Archived PLEASE ARCHIVE - SOLD - Loose Palitoy Death Star & Tri-Logo Ewok Village playset in C9 condition box

    For sale - Tri-Logo Ewok Village playset in C9 condition box - £795 I have owned this playset since the 1990's, and it has been very well looked after by me, keeping it out of sunlight in a non-smoking, pet-free home. It is complete with the instructions, but the inner packaging is missing...
  13. Snaketibe

    RIP Murray Walker Formula 1 commentating legend, Murray Walker, has died aged 97. A great age for a great man, and THE voice of F1 for decades. Rest in peace, Murray.
  14. Snaketibe

    RIP Cliff Simon (Ba'al in Stargate SG-1) As per the news story above, tragically Cliff Simon, the actor who brilliantly brought the villainous Ba'al to life in Stargate SG-1, has been killed in a kite-boarding accident. He was 58. Ba'al was always a favourite villain of mine in...
  15. Snaketibe

    Get Ready To Drool!
  16. Snaketibe

    Ewok Village Relative Rarity Question

    I'm hoping someone here can help answer a question I have about the Ewok Village playset. In the UK, I believe we had two versions released. Firstly, a Palitoy version with just the English language 'Return of the Jedi' logo one side of the box, and with the Spanish & French language 'Jedi'...
  17. Snaketibe

    RIP Mira Furlan

    It is with enormous sadness that I must pass on the tragic news of the death of 'Babylon 5' and 'Lost' actress Mira Furlan. She was 65. A hugely talented actress, singer and performer, Mira made the role of Delenn on Babylon 5 her own...
  18. Snaketibe

    Tri-Logo / PBP Snowtrooper Skirt Question

    I'm hoping someone on the forum may be able to help me out with this one. I recently acquired a lovely white double-scar Snowtrooper figure (minus skirt), which I believe to be a Tri-Logo / PBP / European issue. I believe there are several different scar versions available, so maybe mine is...
  19. Snaketibe

    The Mysterious Death Squad Commander Prototype!

    I just came across this terrific little video and thought it was fascinating. I'm pretty sure many of you will enjoy it too :-) surf5SmBldQ
  20. Snaketibe

    Feedback for Harv10

    I sold a couple of figures to Ian. He was an instant payer, a great communicator and a pleasure to deal with. Many thanks. Jeremy
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