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  1. Snake_eyes_82

    SOLD Please lock

    Lot 2 bad guys £22 Complete 4-lom not a beater really nice £15 posted good guys £22 bad guys £23
  2. Snake_eyes_82


    Lovely PBP biker scout Made in Spain tight limb bit of yellow on the torso but overall lovely little to no paint issues apart from the pbp apps haha comes with non pbp weapon but this version also came with this figure as verified by Andy at ukg and the pbp book
  3. Snake_eyes_82

    Gen 1 Polish Unart Zuckuss

    Mint gen one polish unarticulated Zuckuss £75 posted getting rare and expensive now
  4. Snake_eyes_82

    Archived SOLD Please Lock!

    Im selling this lovely ledy erg its complete and has a painted but non sonic welded head, the staff has no stress marks :mrgreen: Its 75 gbp posted friends and family or add 5% fees.
  5. Snake_eyes_82

    Archived sold

    ok there is one on ebay for 40 plus postage this one is mint and I'm after 30 posted all in.
  6. Snake_eyes_82

    Archived ESB Toy Poster catalogue + ROTJI Catalogue 23 quid posted

    Yo Guys I found this ESB poster recently while searching for something else there is one on ebay similar con for 55. this one is falling apart but could still be framed i actually considered framing it myself. anyway its 23 posted with a ROTJ catalogue
  7. Snake_eyes_82

    Luke Stormy Helmet and Gun check

    OK Guys who is good with really checking like i want to be really sure, before i buy looks ok to me but...
  8. Snake_eyes_82

    Archived SOLD

    SOLD for 280
  9. Snake_eyes_82

    Archived updated with free postage mint complete variants!

    figs sent in a padded paypal friends and family or add the fees of 4% PBP AT-AT commander bubble scar c8 32 posted Trilogo euro smooth scar lando mint correct weapon 30 posted Hong Kong Fett C8 plus 35 posted
  10. Snake_eyes_82

    Archived lovely loose Xmas day sale

    got some nice loose complete figures for sale. postage 3 each or up to 5 figs no report all 100% legit i will ship elsewhere but it all depends if they will let me as a lot of europe won't and its 7 pounds reg post for 1 or all of them. payment paypal friends and fat or add 4% fees all thats...
  11. Snake_eyes_82

    Archived Loose Fetts and Bikers!!! SOLD

    Sold Taiwan And Hong Kong Fett 30 for the pair posted no weapons! 2 X Hong Kong Biker Scouts 25 posted one is complete with OG no repro blaster tight limbs good paint.
  12. Snake_eyes_82

    Archived 1990's Mexican Bootlegs with weapons.

    I'm selling this set of Mexican bootlegs with very rare weapons i want 80 posted. these are true 90's not like most of the toss on ebay
  13. Snake_eyes_82

    Archived First Gen Polish Bootleg IMP Gunner

    I have this very rare silver Polish Gen 1 Bootleg imp gunner 70 posted takes it. very good condition came from a very well know bootleg collector.
  14. Snake_eyes_82

    Archived 1990s Mexican Luke Bespin Bootleg

    yo i have a true 1990s Mexican articulated bootleg luke bespin for sale 20 quid posted.
  15. Snake_eyes_82

    Archived FS Or FT. Luke Farmboy Japanese Popy Box.

    Hi All I have this Luke FB Popy box for sale or trade id ideally like to trade it for a Snowtrooper or Luke Bespin Popy box but would also sell it for 150 GBP. Other nice trades maybe considered just give me an email [email protected] The condition is kinda rough but this is obviously one...
  16. Snake_eyes_82

    Archived leia boushh unpainted helmet.

    ok so i bought this from a guy on ebay claiming he'd had it for years i was suspecting it had been stripped looked on imp gun couldn't decide so i bought it. I'm basically selling it for what i paid as i can't decide if its real plus its not something i need with how my collection is going. 15...
  17. Snake_eyes_82

    Feedback For Monkidoodle

    Bought A last 17 figure from Phil He gave me a great deal and it was super quick. A+
  18. Snake_eyes_82

    Archived FS- Sparrow Legs Biker Scout No Coo 10 Posted

    Got this spare sparrow leg biker no coo 10 gbp all in nice limbs bit of paint wear but bargain for this uncommon fig.
  19. Snake_eyes_82

    WTB, Guides A New Proof And GUS & Duncans guide to Protos

    Hi Looking to buy a copy of a new proof and Gus And Duncans guide to prototypes. Email [email protected]
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