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  1. J

    Adidas Luke I know its a repro but has anyone seen a vintage one?
  2. J

    Modern Collection Reference book

    I was wondering if anyone knows of a modern reference book for Star Wars figures, that includes the Saga collection range, Power of the Jedi Vintage Collection and anniversary lines. There seems to be load for vintage lines but need one to piece modern figures with weapons and accessories.
  3. J

    eBay Bargain

    Mod edit - Link removed Hope one of you guys picked this up, as would love to know which card backs are included
  4. J

    How long does it stay in Quarantine

    So i have bought something from Brazil, a Glasslite Tie Fighter, and my wife and I have had a discussion how long it stays in the box before I am allowed to open it :lol: My theory is that it has been in the postage system for 2 weeks so all should be fine. Apparently that is not the correct...
  5. J

    R.I.P Sir Alan Parker

    Sadly another Great British icon disappears, loved Bugsy Malone, Commitments and Mississippi Burning amongst his many great films.
  6. J

    Best spelling Took me a few seconds to work out what it was but made me smile.
  7. J

    Anyone live near Liverpool I would if i lived closer but anyone fancy these?
  8. J

    If you die what your stuff?

    I know its bloody morbid but with all the RIP's and Corvid 19 my wife asked me what is she supposed to do with all my" stuff" if anything happened to me. She is not a Star Wars fan, and it pisses her off she knows what a Y wing looks like, but in the event of each of our deaths I wondered if you...
  9. J

    Spot the legs?

    Its either sneaky or daft, but I guess some have spotted the legs :lol:
  10. J

    Real vinyl caped Jawa? I don't know if anyone saw it but I am not sure. All the other figures are from a later time, the cape looks the wrong shape in one of the photos but its going strong bid wise.
  11. J

    Loose and carded figure collection

    I am sure some of you saw this, I did bid up to a certain amount but after talking to the guy I was pleased I got outbid. If it is a members lot then I am not being disrespectful but wondered if anyone else bid on it and what you think...
  12. J

    Feel the Force day Not sure if anyone else saw these guys at LFCC but as its only 20 mins away from me thought I would put up a link. The guest list is great and its a shame another event is on the same day but for those nearer Peterborough than Redditch it might be worth a look. I...
  13. J


    hi all three carded figures are originally sealed ( my names not Han) bubbles are crack free. £23 each plus £2.99 recorded delivery, going to put them on ebay tuesday night if i have had no interest by then, i will give free shipping on 2nd or 3rd item if someone wants more than one.
  14. J

    would you pay the extra bought this from the states last week and then got an email today saying that the postage was not enough and if i want these then i will have to pay an...
  15. J

    Bye bye Rafa

    I am very sad to see him go, he will be missed ( by us man utd, arsenal. chelsea, spurs, man city, aston villa fans )
  16. J

    what a total bitch

    hope this isn't any of you lads ex someone is going to be totally pissed :lol:
  17. J

    goodbye Corey Haim

    Couldn't believe it when i saw he had died, ok he liked a dabble but ****. RIP sam
  18. J

    palitoy 12 backs

    any of you boys get these. just spent all my paypal so couldn't justify them but hope one of you lads did
  19. J

    expensive boba fett wheres my paint set :roll:
  20. J

    potf skiff wish they sold for that over here...... youd be pig sick if you were the seller
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