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Jul 16, 2021
Hi All, Well i posted my introduction the other day and am now getting around to posting this and looking for a new home for my collection that i have had as a kid and hauled globally. I am leaving the Uk end of August and so my intention is to offer all the items for sale as a best offer and whoever can collect them from me. I suggest that as no way am i trying to post these items as it would be way to difficult and where i am located may make a good day trip for someone! I am living just next to Battersea power station in London and the building has modern and very affordable parking for central London ( as a visitor it is GBP 18 for 24 hours ) .... anyway that just the info

What i am looking for is best offer for my a) Jawa and b) all my other star wars items - these i will list but only want to sell as a block. They are all marked mostly on the legs as "Hong kong 1977" so they the Kenner originals


Height 110cms

I bought this in a Star Wars and SciFi and fantasy store in Shinjuku, Japan back in 2001. It is a store made replica of the figure that they had on display with an R2 Unit. I bad way over the amount for what it is worth but for me it has always been a display piece that i have had in my lounge or entrance halls. I would describe as fragile though it can be moved around. The arms move but only in straight directions. The hands and fingers bend as i guess they are metal inside the gloves. Under the body it is a cylinder. The weight is not so heavy. It does have glowing eyes and has a japanese plug. It is 110v.

See the photos. Jawa is now generally looking down on the passersby along the new circus road west (next to battersea power station) and there are a number of people who stop and take photos

I paid JPY 100,000 for it back in 2001 but that was clearly an impulse buy BUT i have enjoyed owning and i would rather have Jawa as a display piece than many other things

To be honest i was thinking GBP 250 - 400 but open to offers. Really Jawa should be going with someone that will appreciate and give it a good home

STAR WARS 1977/1985 items

No boxes

AT-AT : Not sure how i would describe the condition. It has all of the parts except the 2 cylinder guns under the head. I only notice they were gone now on taking photos and is the main reason i am selling everything as the more times i move country the worse condition fragile things become. The At-At has all the parts bar those mentioned above. Original instructions. The plastic surround of one leg was broken on a move and i had to glue it (see photos). Sticker peel to some of them. The door on the side remains closed however when opened it will not hang down.

Speeder Bike : Only one missing part and that is the left flap on the rear

Tri-pod Laser Cannon : all parts

INT-4 Interceptor : all parts just one decal on rear peeled off

Figures : all are Kenner Hong Kong made with 1977 on rear or 1977 to 1980

*only figure with loose limbs is the silver death star droid

Star Wars

Han Solo - big head version - ok
Chewie - ok
Luke farm boy - worn but has sober from arm
Death star droid - worn loose limbs
Death star squad commander - good
Walrus man - good
Storm troopers x 2 - good
Tuskan raider - very good

Empire Strikes back

ATAT commander x 2 - good
ATAT Driver x 2 - good
Boba Fett x 2 - 1 is very good other is worn
C3PO - removal limbs - ok
Fx7 medical droid - good
IG 88 - good
Imperial commander - ok
R2 - with snorkel but stickers worn
Snow trooper x 3 - good
Tie fighter - good
Zuckuss - good
Yoda - worn and no cape or snake

Han Solo in carbonite

Return of the jedi

Bib fortuna - good
Biker scout x 2 - good
Emporers royal guard - very good
Gamorrean guard x2 - 1 good other fair
Kiaatu skiff guard - good
Squid head - very good
Weequay - very good

Star Wars other

Darth Vader 30cm Japanese Kotobukiya figure

Funko Yoda

If anyone interested in making a sensible offer for everything then please let me know

These are well cherished items but used when a kid, but as i guess a kid that took care of things mostly they all remain in great condition except the clumsy baffoon moving companies

Let us know though as a note I am NOT interested in selling individual figures - I am NOT an ebay trader and these are personal possessions owned from new. I actually loathe ebay

Plenty of pictures available

*the photos i am struggling to post correct way up

*I can only post 10 photos so others will have to send post separate


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Jul 16, 2021
here we go


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Jul 16, 2021
Hello Cazza

JAWA is open to offers - was looking for 200-250 GBP but paid far more though, as mentioned, am selling as i am reducing all my personal effects as i relocate again and see far more relocating in future. Am also selling dining table, music fidelity hi-fi set up, sofa etc but as that not star wars related am just trying to sell that all now

I have now sold all the figures i had as a block to a eager buyer so just the Jawa is remaining.

So if anyone is interested in buying the Jawa please let me know and am looking for 200-250

Thanks all

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