Michael Sith

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Mar 2, 2013
Up North
Some lovely pieces there Lee, sad that you have to let them go, but life always comes first,

very hard to value though as you know collectors are picky and repro bubbles put a lot off, along with repaired name tags and litho repairs
i feel the pain on that though as you collect for you and those things don’t worry you as it’s for your collection, however, there will be collectors out there that will look at these as great items and happily add them to their collections
weird one, as Pali cards on their own ,especially hard to get ones, command good money now

reseals etc usually as you will already know go off component parts added together for value, I.e. card value plus bubble value plus figure value.

like you say selling as a lot will Also narrow down the field as well from prospective buyers

sorry can’t help on values …dreaded eBay as a lot with a min price?

hopefully some of the guys will chip in and be more help than me, and this doesn’t end up as a “tumbleweed“ post!

good luck

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