Is this Alec Guinness autograph real?

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Oct 10, 2020
United Kingdom
Hello there!
This is my first post on this forum (hopefully the first of many!)

I would really appreciate some feedback as to whether or not you believe this Alec Guinness autograph is real, or if it is a fake?
It is apparently from the 1980s, and was obtained outside a theatre in London.

I have viewed the autograph in person, however, there were a few things which stood out for me.
1) The 'o's in Good seem to be joined differently to all the other Alec Guinness autographs which I have seen.
2) The letters in 'Guinness' seem to be looped, and most others which I have seen aren't like that.
3) The autograph looks more like an earlier example from the 1950s/1960s, and the person which obtained it said they got in in the 1980s, which arose my suspicions.

I am I looking into it too much and this is in fact genuine, or would you say this is fake?

Thank you, and may the force be with you!


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