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Re: Help / Advice needed from the pros!

Postby jared007 » Sat Mar 31, 2018 10:05 am

jt1969 wrote:Ok now I might be asking a crazy thing here but what would the chances be to find a DT Vader? Also what makes the figures genuine DT? Is it just the saber??? I

DT Vaders are very hard to come by (same as a DT Ben) - a loose one will be circa US$10K (I know of a graded AFA90 one that sold for US$20K a couple of years ago). They sometimes do come up in mixed lots on eBay as people clear out their attic. Collectors have eagle eyes - it will be confusing why a bunch of beater figures go for so much until you look for the hidden gem in there.

And it's just that tiny bit of plastic for the DT saber that makes all the difference. The figure itself was later released with the single telescoping weapon, so it's all about the DT weapon here. Most people will never see one in the flesh, let alone own one ;)

Cheers, Jared.
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