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Re: Rarity perception

Postby Wreck-It Ralph » Fri Oct 05, 2018 1:56 pm

edd_jedi wrote:In 2018 with eBay, Facebook and forums nothing is really rare, only expensive. There are very few one of a kind items, even for prototypes. The biggest challenge is often getting collectors to part with items, which means they are not rare but simply hard to obtain (eg anything Boba Fett related.)

I think what makes some things seem rarer than they actually are lies in the way they are sold, the majority of rare Palitoy MOC's are sold in private from collector to collector so you virtually never see them on the open market and thereby the rarity perception is increased as the majority of collectors are completely unaware that the transaction ever took place. If you were to put this in contrast to comic book sales almost all are sold publicly on ebay or any of the various auction sites resulting in most collectors realising that comics aren't rare.
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