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Part ID

Postby tobeshadow » Wed Jan 23, 2019 7:04 pm

Hi everyone,

I've also posted this in 'off topic' but hoped someone in here might know!

I bought a mixed lot of vintage Star Wars/Action Force/G.I. Joe accessories over the weekend and this part was in with it.
It looks like a staff, with an animal skull (cow/buffalo?) on the top and three feathers sculpted down the handle. There's also a small bump and bit of flashy plastic below the feathers that looks like where it was attached to a plastic tree. The plastic is shiny and bends very easily without being brittle, and size wise, it's roughly the same as a vintage General Madine staff, if not a little bit shorter.

I know it isn't SW, Action Force or early Joe, and I've been looking through any toy lines I think it might be from but so far no luck. Wondered if anyone out there has this part and can ID which line it is from?

Many thanks all!



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