Discuss vintage Kenner and Palitoy Star Wars toys from the 1977-1985 era.
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Postby Richard_H » Sun Aug 11, 2019 4:50 pm

Thanks for all the comments guys:

We are on spotify and here at podbean

Co-host, co-creator, director and stud of SW The Vintage Rebellion podcast

Check out my interview on http://vintagestarwarscollectors.com/co ... ka-cc4rhu/

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Postby edd_jedi » Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:13 pm

This week I have done a return trip from Brighton to Sheffield, and STILL haven't managed to listen to the full episode :lol:

Really enjoyed the NA section about the X-Wing, it could have been a podcast on its own!

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Postby Jez » Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:55 pm

Good evening Stu, Good Evening Lads, Good evening everyone.

So many comments for this monster of an episode, thank you so much.
It really was a beast but it does appear that all sections were really appreciated. I do recognise that at over 2hrs 15 minutes the NA section could have been a podcast in it's own right but we really wanted to do justice to the X-Wing and I also wanted to give the cardbacks a section of their own.

Extra thanks to all of the guys who have commented about me leaving below:

chipsteak wrote:Goodbye to Jez. I'll be lost without those soothing descriptions of vintage toys. I'm still hoping for a Relaxion CD that features nothing but Jez reading playset boxes. All the very best in all you do.

Declan thanks very much mate :lol: . I certainly hope to return one day. Not sure about the CD, but if it happens, i'll let you know!

Stubbs wrote: Good luck with your new job roll jez and congrats.

Thank you my friend.

Cazza wrote:About halfway through- superb as always, guys 8) Jez, you will be SORELY missed :( Totally understand your reasoning though mate and you've had an excellent innings!

Thank you Cazza matey. I've had a blast.

palitoyjunky wrote:Jez, v sorry to hear your going and will miss your contributions to the show but I really admire all u do and may God b with u when ur back in the field. Take care pal.

Thank you Jon mate. I really appreciate that.

Darth Bobby wrote:Half way through, can’t believe Jez is off! Good luck with your adventures, thanks for all the hard work over the years!

Thank you. Yes, more adventures to come. Look back on a life and be glad that you've really lived!!

AndyPreston wrote:The only downside is that Jez is leaving, very sad news but good luck to you buddy, sounds like a great career opportunity and no doubt we’ll still see plenty of you on the forum, FB, and at events. Thanks for your brilliant contributions to the podcast, it’s always been a pleasure listening to you, and you’ll be well missed. Cheers!

Thanks Andy, thanks for everything you've done for me and the star wars collecting community :)

Mini99 wrote:Just finished the last episode, and what a rollercoaster it was!

....”Good evening Stu...Good evening Lads....Good evening everyone”...

I won’t be alone in saying how we will miss that intro on so many past TVR podcasts.
We know from past experience that’s it’s never really goodbye and I am already looking forward to when Jez has the time to return for the odd episode in the near future.
He may have been the butt of jokes and mostly came last in all the quizzes :wink: , but hey someone has too...and he took it with good grace, most of the time! :lol:
I’m know that he will be missed by us listeners and also by his co presenters which you could tell by the fabulous montage at the end of the show, absolutely brilliant and heartfelt.
Jez, good luck with your future endeavours, you deserve it and stay safe. 8)

What a lovely post, thank you so much Nick :)

Being asked to be on the SWFUK Podcast which ultimately morphed into our own independent labour of love has been epic.
The guys are truly brothers to me and I will most definitely miss working on this project with them. I sincerely hope that one day the stars will be in alignment and i'll be back on the show in one form or another.
Until then, MTFBWY.

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Postby Bonsai_Tree_Ent » Thu Aug 15, 2019 11:00 am

Another lovely long listen! Jez, sorry to hear you are 'stepping down' but your reasons are 100% understandable, and if I was a pilot under your command I'd much rather you had all your attention on me than on Luke X-Wing Pilot :D . You did get gipped on that green accessories question though - R2 Pop-Up Saber has ALL green accessories so surely that's the winning answer, c'mon Stu have a heart and issue a full and complete public apology!!

Rich and Ben were entertaining but also the cagiest interviewees I've ever listened to! Stu was trying to get them to tell what their latest stock was but they weren't having it, and I have no idea why - but maybe it was a good tactic because now I really want to know and will have a look at their site!

Keep up the good work guys, I look forward to the next one...

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Postby SublevelStudios » Thu Aug 15, 2019 6:32 pm

Another cracking show lads. A lot of people have no idea how much hard work, time and effort is put into each show, I just want to say a massive thank you for creating something that I look forward to and something I think has become essential listening to for anyone collecting vintage Star Wars stuff - As someone who works alone in an office, having each show on in whilst I work and listening to the banter makes it feel a little less lonely - hats off lads.

Jez: You'll be sorely missed mate. I've had the pleasure of working with you on the Stormtrooper Run, hooking up at FF and Echo Live, and listening to your dulcit tones on the podcast. Your contribution to the collecting community is vast and I've never heard anyone have a bad word for you, you're one of the good guys.

All the best mate.

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