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Luke saber

Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2020 4:01 pm
by TwistedMetal
Hey guys me again 🙈 ok so I’ve been using TIG a lot, and I think slot of info on there is great, however I still find it hard on some weapons, to see the difference 🤦🏼 Anyways I’ve spotted a farmboy I was going to buy, I asked the seller to send me some pics, of the saber alone, he said he can’t because the tip will break if he takes it out, he has told me it’s original, but by looking at pics on TIG, I’d say it looks more repo, I know the pics arnt ideal to go off, but any info would be great so I know wether to buy it or not,


68ED312D-1573-4144-8AE9-BDE84BD9D4B3.jpeg (73.13 KiB) Viewed 303 times
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Re: Luke saber

Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2020 7:50 pm
by Michael Sith
Hard to tell when it's from a picture, although it looks to have a line/ridge along the main body of the saber , which doesn't look right but maybe it's the light or my old eyes
Always need clear pics
LFB with original saber is a figure that's gone up in price so you need to be sure you've got a genuine saber, as they are not cheap on their own.

Re: Luke saber

Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2020 11:12 pm
by TwistedMetal
Hey Mike, he’s sold now, but tbh I just didn’t have a good feeling about him at £28 quid, but sometimes you get lucky on eBay, had a beauty White Leia come in the post today, with original cape, chuffed to bits with her 😎