Scammers on Ebay Info

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Re: Scammers on Ebay Info

Postby Tenebrous » Mon Aug 03, 2015 2:03 am

It's shite like this that makes me buy Lego!!!!!! Fuckers
There seemed to be more og scams than anything else!
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Re: Scammers on Ebay Info

Postby peekaygee73 » Sun Sep 27, 2015 10:22 am

(Moved from 'ebay cocks' post)

Add mapejo3 to the list.

I bought an earlybird stand which came with the first 12 in 'mint condition'. It's finally arrived (via my brother in the US) and the majority are in poor condition. Leia's vinyl cape is torn, lots of discoloured, stained, loose limbs, R2 sticker is in a terrible state. All the figures were just packed in a plastic bag with no protection at all :shock: Having float tested the accessories two are repro, despite a firm confirmation (And what looks like a cock and bull background story) that all were original.

I've sent the following to him:

"I've finally received the earlybird stand and figures I purchased from you in July - my brother posted them to me here in the UK exactly as you sent them. The stand is in good condition as you described, so I'm pleased with that.

However the figures aren't. You described all 12 as Mint, but the R2 sticker is severely damaged; the Leia cape is ripped around the arms; Leia, R2 and the stormtrooper have discolouration/stains on the plastic; the Han Solo has paint scratches; and the C3PO has loose limbs. They're not Mint condition at all. And the way they were all packaged in a single bag without any protection was terrible.

I'd like to know what we can do to resolve this so we're both satisfied."

I'm partially to blame as the auction didn't show pictures of all the figures, and having stumbled on the auction late on I didn't get chance to see them before bidding. However, since I won this the guy's also received a neg for a 3PO 'Mint' MOC he sold which seemingly wasn't sealed. Unfortunately my brother was delayed in sending the parcel to me so the transaction's now past the 60 days limit; I don't hold out much hope for him even replying to me.

Lesson learned from my side, and a warning about this knob to others.

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Re: Scammers on Ebay Info

Postby MarkG » Wed May 31, 2017 9:10 pm

You can add 'tikilunasbazaar' to the stay away from list too.

Bought a load of catalogs from them last month.... never posted.. sent a message... never replied.

Seems to be a pattern there with this seller, as they've received 7 negs this month alone (one from me) all with the same reason, albeit different items.
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