How Do You Rank The SW Movies Now?

Discuss all Star Wars films here - the original trilogy, prequel trilogy and the new Disney films.
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Re: How Do You Rank The SW Movies Now?

Post by Diamond76 »

I liked Solo, maybe it is just me.
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Re: How Do You Rank The SW Movies Now?

Post by UKS »

1. Star Wars
2. Return of the Jedi
3. Empire Strikes Back
4. The Phantom Menace
5. Revenge of the Sith
6. Attack of the Clones
7. Rogue One
8. Solo
9. Battle of Endor
10. Caravan of Courage

If I could, I would put all the animated films (including the Great Heep!) inbetween CoC and TFA. Even the Holiday Special is more SW authentic than the sequel trilogy. Basically, here is everything ever made by anyone. Including Robot Monster, (better more realistic villain than the ST!) Plan 9 and The Room.

11. The Force Awakens
12. Ris of Skywalker
13. The Last Jedi - Genuinely the worst film I have ever seen. And I have seen ALL THE STINKERS.

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