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Re: TFA Destroys Box Office

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 9:12 pm
by Cazza
Palifan wrote:
Cazza wrote:Nice to see TFA holding up well vs A:EG. EG smashed the opening weekend records and looks like it could catch Avatar worldwide. However, despite being miles ahead of TFA over the first week of release, both here and in the US, TFA's small drops have allowed it to reel Endgame in and it's now comfortably ahead in the US. TFA held onto its second weekend crown and the second week dailies are way ahead of Endgame's. EG's 3rd Friday was $16m, whereas TFA's was $34.4. Not sure about here, as box office numbers are more difficult to get hold of, but doubt very much now that EG will overtake TFA.

It just shows what an epic box office run TFA had- $936.6m US and £124m UK will take a lot of beating. Eventually, inflation will allow something to overtake it though. EPIV equates to around $1.4 billion in the US when adjusted for inflation!

I've been looking at these figures also recently and think you're right about EG not being able to take TFA Box Office crown. We'll see how it all pans out but even though I did think EG was a satisfying end to the last 10 years of Marvel, I didn't feel that it was quite as rewatchable as Infinity War. Saying that though I spent 2 years working on Missing Link that was released 2 weeks before EG and it's completely tanked, I should have gone into VFX's!


Ian, that must be so disappointing, having put so much time into something :( To be honest, NOTHING was going to survive against EG. It sucked the life out of other films that came immediately before and after it. Lots of casuals see it as an event movie and save their cash for that film only. I suspect Missing Link will do quite well on downloads etc :)