Which cinema for Rogue One

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Are you watching it in 3D or 2D ?

1. 3D
2. 2D
3. 4DX
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Re: Which cinema for Rogue One

Postby PulsarP » Fri Dec 16, 2016 4:16 pm

Dark vador wrote:A long time ago....
In a galaxy far far away
I used a jedi mind trick on you.

Not lol

U bought some interesting foreign moc from me with that user name lol I always liked it. Much better and more fitting then pulsar.

Top Man, I always loved the name from the original Palitoy catalogue.
I even went into Redgates toy store in Sheffield in '79 and asked if they had Green Greedo as I thought that was his actual name.
Pulsar GTi-R was a damn fast Japanese import i owned for ten years.

Am curious as to the items I bought from you now though :?
Looking for any Palitoy logo esp. 30, 41 and 45a.
Also looking for any 20back droids and cantina aliens on any cardback.

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