So what did you think about star wars VIII ??????

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Re: So what did you think about star wars VIII ??????

Postby pizzathehutt » Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:46 am

my mates went and said its really good!

not as good as tfa and rogue one but still good

I trust there judgement aswell so I think i'll like it :)
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Re: So what did you think about star wars VIII ??????

Postby weasel » Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:38 am

pizzathehutt wrote:Are you guys that hated this one, did you like tfa and rogue one?

I like TFA, it is basically just a complete reworking of ANH. It probably benefits from NOT being a prequel, but it's still a decent film.
I think most people on here liked Rogue One. It is dark for a SW/Disney film, all the main characters, the "goodies" anyway, die. It's still a great film though.

Clarkspie&chips wrote:
weasel wrote:It's miles better than the prequels but that's like saying a speeding ticket is better than coming home to find your family have been raped and murdered.

Good grief that's the funniest analogy if ever heard. I might need to borrow that down the pub this weekend if that's alright.

No worries. I do have a rather unique way with words.
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