POSITIVE ONLY - Movie/scene list

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Re: POSITIVE ONLY - Movie/scene list

Post by lejackal »

Just back from watching Solo (I know, somewhat late) and I have to say Chewy freeing Wookie slaves, Han being Han, Lando being Lando and
the Maul reveal
were all great!!!

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Re: POSITIVE ONLY - Movie/scene list

Post by Nita Nitro »

ROTS:- The scene where Padme is looking out her apartment window across the Coruscant city-scape as Anakins fall to the dark side takes effect. The music that plays over the eerily silent scene is absolutely perfect :)
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Re: POSITIVE ONLY - Movie/scene list

Post by naughtyjedi »

The Last Jedi

Poe being a pilot, blasting and that turn.
The end of the Dreadnought. When it goes silent and slow mo, cuts to Paige, The Imperial Officer, Poe.. boom. Love the track
Chewie booting down the door of Luke's hovel and then roaring at the miserable old git. Great emotion.. fuck you Luke.. Han is dead - pain. Later the scene resonates even more when we know why Ben became Kylo
Chewie and the Porgs
Snoke berating Kylo. The first time we find that even though Snoke thinks he knows it all, he has no explanation for the force rising with and inside Rey (neither does she)
The perspectives of the Luke - Kylo moment and when Luke sees the direction Ben would take and the pain it would cause. An underrated moment of horror.
Luke and Rey in the force is life/balance.. humour, play, the force, darkness.
Rey in the dark place - I love a metaphorical moment.

These three scenes have entered my top Star Wars moments:
The throne room - The power we see in Snoke, Snokes arrogant death, the Kylo and Rey team up vs the Praetorian guards
Holdo suicide run - she had to try something, would she get past the shields, she didnt know, nobody had done it before. Utterly epic.
The Luke and Leia moment,

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Re: POSITIVE ONLY - Movie/scene list

Post by chipsteak »

Star Wars -
Binary Sunset. I'm especially fond of the first act. It's nice seeing their idea of hum-drum.

Empire Strikes Back -
Luke dangling from the weather vein mentally reaching out to Leia. The music. The sunset. The
Falcon flying through the clouds.

Return Of The Jedi-
Flying thru the innards of the second Death Star. In contrast to my above ambient moments, this is pure Star Warsy speed.

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Re: POSITIVE ONLY - Movie/scene list

Post by Scarifpacific »

The Last Jedi - The wonderful moment where Luke is walking through the Falcon and is reunited with R2. I won’t lie, there were a few tears. :oops:
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