Valuation please for what's left of my childhood collection with card backs

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Valuation please for what's left of my childhood collection with card backs

Postby Claysmith7 » Fri May 05, 2017 6:58 pm

Hello all,

I saw Star Wars in the early 80's when it was shown on ITV for the first time, bought Han Bespin and a Stormtrooper for my first two figures. I went on to collect the other figures and on a family holiday in Spain I bought Vader and R2, my Mum saw me spend my holiday treat money on them and then helped me collect the rest. She used to take a card back with her whenever she went shopping and would call me to show me what figures she had when she returned home.

I have most of the card backs for the figures though I am missing some, I think Dengar, Ackbar, Nein and the Rancor keeper were mail away offers. Walrus man's card was the one my Mum used most, she had folded it to fit it in her coat pocket which made it fall apart. Six of the last 17 were swaps so I never had the weapons or backing cards for them apart from the one staff.

I also don't have the Spanish R2 figure or my first IG88 which was darker, not so light silver and the R2 didn't have much of its sticker left if I remember correctly. I presume that they were in one of the ships/boxes when I sold them years ago. My sister broke IG88's right hand off at the elbow and also the Spanish Vader's head as I only allowed her play with the Princess Leia figures apparently.

My Dad had a market stall back then so towards the end he was selling them so I bought some extra Stormtroopers, another Hoth one and another Emperor's guard.

I did manage to buy some of the last 17 and also swapped some other 80's toys for the ones I have with no card backs or weapons with a friends younger brother back in the 80's, traded my Buck Rogers space ship, the white Bond Lotus and some superhero figures for them and placed them all with the others in the rebel transporter as I no longer played with them. I wanted them because I had all the rest, so I thought at the time.

I started collecting again at the end of the 90's, I think it was the 300th figure of Boba Fett which got me started again. I haven't bought any other vintage items since the 80's apart from a twelve inch Vader but sold it on as I really wanted the Medicom one. I did ponder buying the figures missing from my collection at the time but as I preferred the modern items so I didn't bother.

It sat in my parents loft until about ten years ago when we moved into our current house and has sat in ours since. I did bag the figures up with their weapons about 14 years back and they came out again when I sold some of the vehicles and Jabba, which was when I bought the BMF. I took some pictures last year as I have been meaning to sell them for a while but just didn't have time to prioritise selling them, circumstances have changed and I've spent the last few days taking some more pictures and uploading them.

Please could you let me know if there is anything of value/rare in there and a fair price for the lot would be cool.

Please use the below links to view the pictures.

Figures with card backs and weapons, taken this week.


Card backs, taken this week.


Figures with weapons and some spares, taken this week.


The whole lot, taken in 2016.


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Re: Valuation please for what's left of my childhood collection with card backs

Postby Bonsai_Tree_Ent » Fri May 05, 2017 7:27 pm

Wow, that's quite some collection. I'm going to say that the way you've presented it makes it pretty hard to value.

The cardbacks are in such varied condition (tragically the Imperio Contraataca Vader is in awful shape). I think it would be easier to value if you separated the figure collection, the weapons, and the cardbacks. And then with the cardbacks split them into two groups, one with decent condition and the other with the name plates missing.

But yep... you've got a fair bit of money there mate in standard common items. It may be that a cardback connoisseur spots something rare too (I don't know enough about them myself, but i'll pm Jason Smith who does).

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Re: Valuation please for what's left of my childhood collection with card backs

Postby mr_palitoy » Sat May 06, 2017 1:32 am

What was said, split the figures and cardbacks, people rarely want to buy as a pair.

That Spanish imperio Vader card is rare and worth money despite its condition.

I'd be interested in all 3 of those clipper cardbacks with slanted rectangular box on the front:- Greedo, hammerhead and ig-88 if you can work out how much you want for them.

I'm away at FF this weekend and then on holiday after, so won't have time to value stuff til after then.

Best of luck if you decide to sell!

Cheers Jason
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Re: Valuation please for what's left of my childhood collection with card backs

Postby Andyclarke » Tue May 09, 2017 5:10 pm

You were one lucky kid!! :shock: :D

Great collection.

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Re: Valuation please for what's left of my childhood collection with card backs

Postby Claysmith7 » Thu May 11, 2017 2:51 am

Thank you all for your kind comments and advice. I probably shouldn't have posted it as "what's left" as its the majority of it, I was thinking in volume as the box it was stored in was a lot larger when I still had the vehicles and Jabba.

My thoughts at the time were to just get a rough value for the lot if possible as even though it would be less than I would get selling it all separately it wouldn't really matter to me as I paid 80's prices for it all. If this wasn't plausible I was and still am willing to break it up to sell.

Written on the Hoth rebel solder card is a phone number that someone gave my Dad in the early 90's as he had been looking round the stall for Star Wars figures and though we didn't have any at that time my Dad mentioned that I still had my collection. I took the whole collection over to him which then also included, the Falcon, Land speeder, Rebel transporter, AT ST, Snow speeder and Jabba all complete in boxes, though only the Land speeder box was mint. I was adding it up in my head as he was telling me what prices he would get for certain items breaking it all up, it was well over a grand but he only offered four hundred and I then asked for six but he wouldn't go any higher so I packed it all up and put it back in the loft.

I would have sold it all back then and have no issues with selling them now, as they were in the parents loft I just never got round to it. I sold the vehicles as there were, in my opinion, better modern versions available of the ones I liked or never had.

Bonsai; The presentation was to show I had most of the figures with their original card and weapon as back then I thought they should stay together after all this time. It makes sense that once a figure has been removed it doesn't mean much that I still have the original card as its now just a figure and a card back. Thanks again for your kind comments and advice.

Jason; You can have first refusal on those clipper cards, though I will need to get a valuation on them beforehand. I'm definitely selling it all just needed to decide on how and prices. Any help with valuations would be much appreciated when you have time of course. Thank you again for your kind comments and advice.

Andyclarke; Thanks for your kind comments. I didn't feel lucky back then when I had to work both days every weekend and I remember hating bank holiday Monday's as it was another day of work for us. Looking back in reflection I was lucky as some don't get to spend any time with their parents.

Please see the below links for pictures to help with valuations. I've taken some more for just the weapons and card backs and will redo the figures when I have time.



Card backs;


Please could I have some help with valuations, even if its just the card backs which other members have shown interest in. Currently they are the three clipper ones, the Jawa Palitoy ESB 45b and also the below;

Empire cards

IG-88 Palitoy 45 back bounty hunter offer
Boba Fett Palitoy 45 back bounty hunter offer
R5D4 45 back
Leia 45 back
Powerdroid 45 back

Jedi cards

FX-7 45 back
Han Solo 45 back

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Re: Valuation please for what's left of my childhood collection with card backs

Postby J_G » Thu May 11, 2017 10:33 pm


as i mentioned to you, i would be VERY interested in buying the spanish R2D2 and vader cards

the last spanish R2 sold on eBay for around £130 GBP:

http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Star-Wars-Vintag ... 1545566230

yours is more heavily cut so i imagine the price of your R2 and vader would be around £100 each (plus the R2 on eBay was the rarer 37 'B' variant!).

i know jason is interested in you clipper cards, but if he passes, i'd love the IG88 card. a clipper bossk card recently sold for £40 GBP and i would say IG88 is worth the same:


as a VERY rough guide i would say:

german cards are worth around £25 to 40 each.

the uncut ESB cards are worth around £10 to £25 depending on character. the cut ones £5 to £10. Boba Fett maybe £20.

the trilogo cards £5 to £15. Yak Face more like £45.

the uncut jedi cards £10 to £20. the cut one £3 to £10.

i hope that helps somewhat!

thanks again,

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