Palitoy 65c Emperor's Royal Guard MOC

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Re: Palitoy 65c Emperor's Royal Guard MOC

Postby subzero » Mon Mar 05, 2018 4:52 pm

Mini99 wrote:Well you have my attention!
When are you going to sell this to me?

8) :lol:
You don't own your toys, you only borrow them until you sell them or die!

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Re: Palitoy 65c Emperor's Royal Guard MOC

Postby coomber75 » Mon Mar 05, 2018 10:27 pm

ScruffyLookingNH wrote:
coomber75 wrote:
ScruffyLookingNH wrote:Whist I wouldn't call them rare they come up relatively infrequently and are very, very popular.

I paid, what I considered, a market busting £150 for an absolutely mint one with a really nice (yep, they do exist) price sticker on it about 9 or 10 months ago.

Given the litho damage (yes, almost certainly cause by bubble shift during sealing) I'd say Carl is in the right ballpark, but you just never on an auction on Jabba's or ebay. If I was going to sell at a fixed price I'd ask £150 and see what happened. Would like to see one of these in open auction. The only other Palitoy ERG option is the Trilogo and that's very silly money.

never knew about tye litho shift may explain my hammerhead then i wasnt sure if was a reseal

Yeah, only seem to happen with Palitoys, including trilogos. Never seen it on a Kenner. I guess it's because the bubble was placed in the recess in the press and whilst the operator was adding the figure and weapon the bubble heated up from the latent heat in the press if it had been operating for a while. Then, when the card back has been placed in, if it's touched the now-sticky bubble flange then the glue has taken the litho print from the card. The card had then been placed in it's correct position and the top part of the press applied sealing the bubble to card but with the damage seen. You can imagine the operator of this one offering the base of the card on the bottom of the press first and just touch the bottom edge of the bubble before shifting it into its correct place. Probably cursing as they've felt the glue "snag" the cardback in the wrong position. Or more likely, not giving it a second thought as they move onto their 1,834th MOC of the day :)

love that you guys know this stuff... every day is a school day :D

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