Luke Stormtrooper Black Blaster?

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Re: Luke Stormtrooper Black Blaster?

Postby Palifan » Mon Jul 02, 2018 5:38 pm

TheJabbaWookie wrote:I never bin or burn my Repro, just put it in a clearly labelled bag. I do this for two reasons:
- once you’ve binned a suspected Repro there’s no going back, especially if you discover that it’s the real thing later... when you become a little more knowledgeable. Remember TIG is just a guide and doesn’t contain all the known original variants
- it serves as a useful comparison tool for future purchases, which I find particularly useful with ST lightsabers

I do agree with you on not binning them and do have a bag marked Repro Junk with a few of them in. I bought nearly all of my loose figures years ago so have been lucky for the most part with having only a few repro weapons trying to be passed onto me as real and also the earlier ones were easier to spot. This one I've pictured is from one of the last lots of loose figures I picked up and think the seller threw in some of the harder to find blasters like Leia's to make it seem a more attractive deal. Never mind, I did get some nice figures out of it so it wasn't a loss really.

Thanks again for everyone's help, really appreciate it.


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