Minty complete Falcon...with a twist...

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Minty complete Falcon...with a twist...

Post by TK-7785 »

I'm finding this one a tricky one to value. It's a very clean, mint and complete Falcon but it has never had stickers applied (apart from the chess table). I've inspected it very, very closely and I can find zero evidence of stickers having ever been applied. So what do you reckon, does that make it more desirable/valuable than another mint, complete Falcon? I want to move it on as I already have a nice stickered example.
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Re: Minty complete Falcon...with a twist...

Post by jayums »

I won’t suggest a value as I’d be very interested in buying it should it be for sale!

IMO I do think it would be worth a bit more to some collectors (if stickers have def not been applied), if it could be paired with a sticker sheet, and a nice box which would add a bit of value to it if resold.

Although I like the falcon stickers if applied properly, for a lot of the larger vehicles I often think they look better without stickers than with (like the ATAT). That might just be me though!

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