Boba Fett

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Boba Fett

Post by Devotedsaddler »

Was hoping you can help. I’ve read through your seller guides and I have some questions I’m hoping you can all help with. I have a Boba Fett large size action figure (33cm) in the original box together with the accessories from Kenner. The figure was played with but it is in mint condition and then returned to the box. The box has scuff marks but is complete and intact.
Does the fact that it has clearly been out the box matter? I’ve looked at eBay and other areas and it seems that some people may just be more confident in their sales desorption. I think I’m asking for help with ‘wording’ for the description, and a rough value as the ones on there seem in mint condition.
Thank you in advance
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Re: Boba Fett

Post by stu70 »

Very nice figure, if you are looking at selling it the best way to describe it would be something like "Vintage Star Wars 12 inch Boba Fett figure with original box and inner card", the large figures are usually described as 12 inch although they varied in size going up to 15 inches tall.

The fact that it has been out of the box does matter to the extent that anything unopened or sealed would be worth more but anything Boba Fett is popular and I'm sure you would have a lot of interest in yours.

It does look like the string that attaches to the grappling hook is missing, it wraps around the 2 prongs on the bottom of the jet pack attached to a plastic ring.

Price wise I'm not sure as the box is a Kenner French/Canadian version so I wouldn't like to say how much that would effect the value.

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