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MOC Leia Hoth, At At Driver, Gonk - 77back valuations.

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 3:32 pm
by rhyfelyser
Happy new year all. Time to maybe trim my MOC collection. Bought a few nice ROTJ cardbacks recently and collecting these gives me just a buzz as MOC's and better for my wallet too! Never really displayed these, been in storage. With a Star Wars mad 3 yr old boy with a talent for finding well hidden keys i cant really display any vintage these days! Valuations are needed for these 3 below. All are 77 backs.

All 3 have excellent bubbles, no cracks. No litho tears on the backs too.

Slight scuff on the hanger tab of the AT AT driver but nothing serious, excellent card and bubble. C8.5.

Leia is unpunched. Veining on top right corner of the card. Loose blaster. C8. Dont see Hoth Leia for sale that often.

Had Power droid for donkeys years! Bought from brianstoys and they advertised it as a C6 card. Quite a lot of veining top of the card and at the back is written in pen tidily is "3rd march 1984". Slight fading of the red on "JEDI" but photo makes it it look worse than it is. Dont see Gonk for sale often.

Re: MOC Leia Hoth, At At Driver, Gonk - 77back valuations.

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 4:21 pm
by edd_jedi
Based on the condition of each I would say:

Leia: £250
Power Droid: £100
AT-AT Driver: £125