Mail away ATL interceptor

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Mail away ATL interceptor

Post by DarthClonus »

Hey everyone,

I hate to clog up the forum with my request, but I’ve looked everywhere, but cannot find any information on pricing for this. There’s info on it, pictures and some chats about it online, but nothing on price. Can anyone shed some light on how many there might be out there and any previous sales?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Mail away ATL interceptor

Post by edd_jedi »

I seem to remember Toy Toni (marsking on eBay) selling a few of these over recent years, for about £250-300 each in unused condition. So if my memory is correct as yours is used and missing the paperwork (the planetary map on its own is expensive) yours may be worth £150-200. But some other opinions would help.
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