Baggie remove?

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Re: Baggie remove?

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Hey thanks for that, much apprechiated. It is easy to get the tone wrong sometimes when it comes to written text.
One thing I will say is the Leia baggie I picked up about 8 years ago for £100. Seeing the other one listed on Ebay which is a lower grade for around £850 is promising although I have no interest in selling. Of course someones value and the real value don't alway align. Once again, thanks for the response :)
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Re: Baggie remove?

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Firstly I will say it's such a pleasure to see some of the comments about keeing the figure firmly sealed within the baggie (the right move IMO), years back it was a fight to make folks see any value in keeping baggies sealed as there was next to zero interest in them, thankfully these days they seem to have finally found their rightful place in the hobby & have been my main collecting focus since eveyryone bought them to rip open for mint loose figures :o :lol: it's true honest.

You have a few options IMO -

1. sell it & try to obtain a similar graded loose
2. offer it up for a trade with someone for a loose one thats already graded
3. Learn to love baggie & keep her just the way nature intended :lol:

First thing to think about & consider is what baggie type is she in, is it a fairly well known baggie type or something obscure & rare, the bag type will dictate the items real vale as some are a lot harder to come by than others.

I'm linking my baggie guide below so you can take a look to figure out which baggie type you have, then you can start to gauge it's true value which I am happy to help with.

It's in alphabetical order BTW -

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