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Re: Star Wars Toy of the Week, Week 18, 2018, Part 1/2

Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 4:58 pm
by Pomse2001
Palifan wrote:Thanks for the comments guys and I'm just glad I finally got to show it to you all after all this time.

It is the biggest box out of the 3 world sets which I have and this one is in the nicest condition and was from a nice chap over in the States who had both this one and the Hoth Turret I have up on RS for sale a few years ago. He really looked after it and sent it to me when I was working out there which helped to avoid any extra fees from having it sent here.

With all the other world sets, I have all the separate sections boxed as well but with this one I just have as the one set and have toyed with the idea of setting it up but it's just to hard for me to open all the bags up with them being sealed. There are plenty of loose/used sets out there (which is what I tend to buy to display), but not so many unused ones so it has to stay as it is.

I'll be sure to repeat the Hoth Turret pictures again once the other thread is up so no worries there Lars.

That is a fantastic story Ian, very nice of him to help you, so you did not have to pay extra fees :wink:

Re: Star Wars Toy of the Week, Week 18, 2018, Part 1/2

Posted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 5:04 pm
by Pomse2001
spoons wrote:
Pomse2001 wrote:
spoons wrote:Great to see the Hoth World Ian - a big beast!
Andy is this set also now on your wish list for christmas ? :wink:
Probably not Lars, I have them all separately and it takes up a lot of space!
I know, I have the same problem, this boxes takes up a lot of space, but I can't stop :lol: