SWTOTW, Week 38, 2019, Part 1/2 Kez Iban

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Re: Star Wars Toy of the Week, Week 38, 2019, Part 1/2

Post by Pomse2001 »

s1d0w wrote:
Pomse2001 wrote:
s1d0w wrote:...and my other MOC

Screenshot 2019-09-22 at 12.57.21.png
wow and a second moc, why do you have 2 of the same moc ? are you army building on moc ? :lol: or is there a variant that I do not know about ? :?
Ha! No. No army building. The 2nd one was in slightly better condition and a price I couldn't refuse. I'll be selling one of them on soon.
Ok, I wish you good luck with the sale :wink:
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