Star Wars original vintage film posters

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Re: Star Wars original vintage film posters

Postby Screen Moments » Thu Mar 08, 2018 1:04 pm

TK-7785 wrote:Thanks, Louise. That's great help. I will be keeping my ear to the ground. One last question if I may...I've often seen some original film posters that are backed onto linen, does this affect the value at all?


How poster collectors view restoration is more consistent with art than with comics for example.

Pricing is not downgraded for restoration when done professionally. Linen is used to smooth out all the folds that the poster had once distributed. If you look at the Star Wars Australian Daybill at the top of this thread you will see how smooth and flat the poster looks.

In determining pricing it is key to understand the grading convention - grading prior to restoration and then Linen statement. It is graded by me as VF+ on Linen. The VF+ is the grade before restoration work. It is priced based on it being a VF+ with minimal restoration that has enhanced how it presents. It looks a lot better than most VF+ unrestored posters but has not been priced as a VF/NM or NM-.

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