Modern for sale thread

Talk about modern (post 1985) Hasbro toys, including POTF2.
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Re: Modern for sale thread

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gcp07 wrote:
Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:46 pm
Naboo Starfighter from Phantom Menace period, intended for retail display - one of 50 produced in the US for the UK market. Good condition, some minor battle damage, needs assembling, no missing parts, overall wingspan 1 metre x 1950mm long nose to tail.

Fibre glass manufacture with moulded components, hooks for hanging display included.
This has now been listed in the General Sales section for anyone interested at £50 obo.


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Re: Modern for sale thread

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Bunch 'o Lego bit and pieces for sale. £20 posted F&F.
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Re: Modern for sale thread

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Job lot of Black Series Clones:

All are brand new and unopened. All display well, but some have crushing/cracks in the bubbles. Please see pics.

1 X Clone Commander Neyo
1 X Clone Trooper Sergeant
1 X 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper
1 X Captain Rex
2 X Clone Commander Doom
1 X Clone Commander Wolffe
2 X Commander Thorn

£80+ £5 post & packing
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