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Wanted List

Postby JL601251 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:03 pm

I've just been reunited with my childhood toys after c33 years being apart, I'm not looking to sell any items, just restore as best I can and treasure them. I know there's quite a few parts below and I was looking for advice on the best place(s) to source what I need as a quick search on Evil Bay seems to be inundated with repro's, scammers and people taking the P**s.

AT AT - Chin guns x 2, Bulb, RHS Blaster, Cockpit Lid.
Scout Walker - Cockpit Lid with hatch and gun.
Snowspeeder - rear rope & hook
Y Wing - Engine Pod x 1 (4 beams & End), front guns x 2 & bomb.
Slave 1 - rear door & black ramp.
Milennium Falcon - cockpit glass, dish holder, gunner chair, Gun, training Ball, access ramp.
Jabba the Hut - Bowl & Pipe
AST 5 - door
VME - legs x 3 & Power box.

I'm just an honest Star Wars fan that's trying to restore my long lost toys and any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading

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