Saving 07 - Star Wars Republic Commando

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Saving 07 - Star Wars Republic Commando

Postby ScyFy » Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:11 pm


If there is fan of Star Wars Republic Commando here, i'll be very happy you can see a short fan film created with the engine of this great game.

The action took place during the begining of Kashyyyk's battle at the end of the Clone War. The Delta Squad, composed of Boss, Nitro, Hacker, and Sev, has to leave the planet without one of them : 07. The Game SWRC just end like this, and there will be no sequel for this 2005 game.

That's why i made this little movie, because i always wanted to know what could possibly happened to Sev and the Delta Squad. So here it is!


May the force be with you...


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