Han 12 back Palitoy

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Han 12 back Palitoy

Post by Alexrawle »

Hi guys.
I'm new here, living in Australia.
I come to you because I have an opportunity to purchase a Han 12 back Palitoy.

He is quite mint all round. Definitely not fake. He belongs to a friend if mine who has had offers around 11k Australian dollars , so about 6k in pounds.

Would I be mad to pay up to 7000 ponds for this item.

I come to you because you guys know about Palitoy. Australian collectors seem to have little to none Palitoy smarts.


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Re: Han 12 back Palitoy

Post by lejackal »

It depends which Han, large head or small head, as there would be a significant difference in the value

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Re: Han 12 back Palitoy

Post by Cazza »

Large head would be worth that kind of money. Quite pricey if it's a small head though! Any pics?
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Re: Han 12 back Palitoy

Post by Burto »

Thinking of selling my Palitoy AFA 85 small head 12 back Han.

£6,000 GBP sounds way over the top.

I was thinking of asking around £4k tops

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