Advice again (sorry)

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Re: Advice again (sorry)

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I think @lejackal raises a good point, considering it's going to take a minimum of three months to get it back from the graders, plus a load of hassle, and risk of damage/loss by posting it twice, due to the condition I'm not convinced you will see a huge gain in price compared to what it would sell for as-is right now. I may be wrong, with obscure items like this you never really know until they go to auction, but any desirable item will do pretty well on eBay from a 99p start, in fact sometimes better than selling for a buy it now price. The worst thing that can happen if it sells for way lower than you think it's worth is you keep it and get negative feedback. Also if you're worried about the hassle of eBay or your lack of reputation on there, I bet there are several big traders who would happily sell it on your behalf for a cut of the sale price.
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Re: Advice again (sorry)

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jayums wrote:
Tue Feb 09, 2021 6:37 pm
Thought it was worth adding that the Jawa Sean is selling is MISB so I suggested to him that grading would be the way to go on this item, even if the box condition was not the best. Apart from protection / making it more displayable, would grading not also authenticate that the item is sealed to any potential buyers ? (Genuine question, not a rhetorical one :lol: )
What’s the chance that the seal would break in transit before it arrives at AFA, pretty high I would think!
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