SWTOTW, Week 23, 2018, Part 2/2 Kea Moll

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Re: Star Wars Toy of the Week, Week 23, 2018, Part 2/2

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Rich200 wrote:
Pomse2001 wrote:
Rich200 wrote:Not too many female characters in vintage Star Wars so have always really liked the Droids Kea Moll. Great card art aswell, what is the headless alien all about ?

thanks for sharing your Kea Moll collection, I really love that stand for the coin, it looks awesome how you display that coin, the other items looks also awesome 8)

Here is a link about the guy with no head, I do not know much more about it http://blog.theswca.com/2015/11/how-sta ... th-of.html
Coin holder & stand from Mr Sanderson. Thanks for the link, an interesting read.

With regards to the sculp i have always thought it was very good for Kea Moll and the whole Droids line for that matter. In hand Kea appears quite slender to me and not the chunk suggested :lol:
Thanks about the info for the the coin holder :D I must say the head on kea moll looks to fat on the figure than she is on the picture and in the cartoon, the hand could also be better, it is not easy to put the blaster in her hand. But I still like the droids figures and I think it is sad that they only made a few figures and vehicles.
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