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SWFUK Secret Santa 2018 Wishlists - all done!

Discuss vintage Kenner and Palitoy Star Wars toys from the 1977-1985 era.
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Secret Santa
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SWFUK Secret Santa 2018 Wishlists - all done!

Postby Secret Santa » Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:02 am

Post your lists here - please try not to edit them after 31/10/2018.....I'll be watching!!

Gifts should be with their recipients in good time for the big day.

Gift drop off will be available at FF


No opening pressies early! I’ll put up a ‘Big Reveal’ thread around the day to show off all your goodies.

Any issues please let me know, I’ll update here once I have addresses and if people are at FF.

Not yet heard from

All call signs standing by!

They have added their wishlist:

Section 8
Stuart Skinner

I have their address:

mr_palitoy (FF)
Spoons (FF)
Section 8
Richard_H (FF)
Roundster (FF)
Christian (DONATION)

They have their present:
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Re: SWFUK Secret Santa 2018 Wishlists

Postby mr_palitoy » Mon Oct 15, 2018 11:10 am

Trying to stay in budget with stuff thats readily available on my existing focus's is tricky, so you get to start me a new one.

Looking to get started on the Last 17 (hint Anakin's your man on the budget end of this focus)

HCF stationary. Don't think I have a singe item of HCF stationary, so it's all green field on this one, and there a bunch of BIN within budget on ebay.

cheers Jason
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Re: SWFUK Secret Santa 2018 Wishlists

Postby Pomse2001 » Mon Oct 15, 2018 11:47 am

1. Cloud Car Pilot Com Link (I can use more than one)
2. Grey Pilot Blaster (I can use more than one)
3. Twin-Pod Cloud Car Kenner ESB Instruction.
4. Chewbacca Bowcaster (I can use more than one)
5. Ben Kenobi Telescoping Lightsaber (I can use more than one)
6. Dark Blue / Black Rebel Blaster (I can use more than one)
7. Blue / Black Imperial Blaster (I can use more than one)
8. Gaderffii Stick (I can use more than one)
9. Darth Vader Tie Fighter Kenner Instruction.
10. X-Wing Fighter SW Meccano Instruction.
11. Death Star Palitoy Instruction.
12. Land Of The Jawas Action Playset Kenner Instruction.
13. 2 x Survival Kit Gas Mask
14. Tri-logo Scout Walker Vehicle instruction.
15. Tri-logo Speeder Bike Vehicle instruction.
16. Kenner Jabba The Hutt Action Playset instruction.
17. One Man Sand Skimmer Vehicle tri-logo potf instruction
18. Bossk Rifle (I can use more than one)
19. Blue Bespin Blaster (I can use more than one)
20. Blue Rebel Blaster (I can use more than one)
21. IG-88 Rifle (I can use more than one)
22. Imperial Hoth Stormtrooper Vinyl Skirt (I can use all variants)
23. Yellow Luke Bespin Saber (I can use more than one)
24. Yoda Cane.
25. Yoda Snake.
26. Yoda Cloth Cloak.
27. Ugnaught Tool Box (I can use more than one)
28. Ugnaught Apron (I can use more than one)
29. AT-AT Driver Rifle (I can use more than one)
30. Blue Imperial Blaster (I can use more than one)
31. Hoth Rebel Rifle (I can use more than one)
32. 2-1B Medical Staff (I can use more than one)
33. Admiral Ackbar Staff (I can use more than one)
34. Black Pilot Blaster (I can use more than one)
35. Bikerscout Blaster (I can use more than one)
36. Chief Chirpa Staff (I can use more than one)
37. The Emperors Royal Guard Force Pike (I can use more than one)
38. Gamorrean Guard Axe (I can use more than one)
39. General Madine Staff (I can use more than one)
40. Leia Boushh Rifle (I can use more than one)
41. Leia Boushh Helmet (I can use more than one)
42. Rebel Commando Rifle (I can use more than one)
43. Ree-Yees Rifle (I can use more than one)
44. Grey Bespin Blaster (I can use more than one)
45. Grey Endor Blaster.
46. Rancor Keeper Vibroblade (I can use more than one)
47. Ewok Spear (I can use more than one)
48. Paploo Staff
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Re: SWFUK Secret Santa 2018 Wishlists

Postby Richard_H » Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:50 pm

Dixie Cups
any mpc kits but snowspeeder
HC Ford Star Wars only erasers not Vader
any Ben Cooper products
any vintage jigsaws except the 2 Waddingtons with action figures
anything with R5-D4 vintage (thinking comic adverts, leaflets..)
Pencil toppers except Vader, Gam Gaurd, Bib, Luke XWP and the orange ewok
any R5-D4 coke, sprite, fanta caps

anything that's cool and unusual
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Re: SWFUK Secret Santa 2018 Wishlists

Postby lejackal » Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:14 pm

One or two bits from this lot would be awesome please Santa :mrgreen:

1. Complete landspeeder, Palitoy or Kenner (can be found with luck/patience I think)
2. A nice, white Wampa
3. Any of the cantina aliens complete
4. A nice small head Han, no blaster (might be in budget?)
5. Presentable solid dome R2
6. Leia Poncho complete (with luck on a good day :? )
7. Whatever you can find :D


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Re: SWFUK Secret Santa 2018 Wishlists

Postby Robstyley » Mon Oct 15, 2018 10:31 pm

W.t.b list below and in signature.


There’s a few things on there should be within budget. Would love any of the Palitoy cardbacks I need. If not I’d be happy with any of this vintage:
Loose 12 inch C-3PO (in any condition).
Nice loose/boxed Radar Laser Cannon.
Nice loose/boxed Ewok Assault Catapult.
Star Wars toy catalogues.
Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi Panini UK sticker albums in nice condition.

I don’t collect stationary, toiletries, food products, bed linen, soft toys and all that other non toy action figure related stuff. I don’t mind anything else cool that’s vintage like advertising, other visual things or paperwork connected to the films or toy line.
Fuck.. it’ll be turkey time before we know it!
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Re: SWFUK Secret Santa 2018 Wishlists

Postby Taffius » Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:21 pm

For my secret santa wishlist (and in celebration of re-collecting 1st anniversary), I would love any of below:

1. Jawa with cloak (to add to focus)
2. Jawa blasters
3. Jawa cardback
4. GW Arcylic case to house a loose Jawa and cardback.
5. Vintage loose Land of the Jawa's playset.
6. Complete Hoth Stormtrooper.
7. A Rogue One poster (like cinema or promotional poster)
8. Any boxed and complete vintage mini rig apart from energiser, radar and laser cannon.

Hopefully one from the list is achieveable as I have been very good this year :D. Thanks Santa....
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Re: SWFUK Secret Santa 2018 Wishlists

Postby Scarifpacific » Tue Oct 16, 2018 3:24 pm

Dear Santa

I would like

1. Green Jedi lightsaber
2. Loose Walrus Man
3. Loose Gonk Droid.
4. Bounty Hunter Capture Log
5. GW Acrylic Mini Rig Case (without flap)
6. Vintage Catalogues
7. Yellow Bespin Saber.

This list will expand very soon

Many thanks

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Re: SWFUK Secret Santa 2018 Wishlists

Postby spoons » Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:19 pm

Not much I’m after really

Boxed micro collection Wampa cave - suspect these are way over budget now

Loose nice condition die cast snowspeeder or slave 1

Any of Iain’s loose die cast stands

Or a standard GWA acrylic case for die cast

Boxed mini rig (not cap 2, int 4, MLC3 or AST5)

Modern Heroes 3 pack - with Han Hoth

Vintage catalogues

Anything oddball TIE, INT-4 or Han Hoth related

Or anything vintage

Thanks - that does seem a fair bit in retrospect :lol:
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Re: SWFUK Secret Santa 2018 Wishlists

Postby grinchy » Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:41 pm

Grinchy here, I've not been that bad this year, I promise!

Wishlist follows

SolId dome R2, need one for the collection

vintage landspeeder diecast missing windscreen is fine,

vintage millennium falcon diecast missing bits is fine

vintage y wing diecast missing bomb is fine

catalogues/ flyers/ adverts


Loose modern stormtrooper (not potf2) or astromech r2 units any

more to follow when i can think of something else :D
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Re: SWFUK Secret Santa 2018 Wishlists

Postby starshipriot » Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:25 am

Hey Santa! My fav time of the year! I've been positively angelic this year as I do get excited about SS and wouldn't wanna miss out!

Okaaay. Here are a few things I'm after.

Loose Rancor- I appreciate this is very very unlikely to come up within our budget but stranger things have happened! Been after a replacement after I came home drunk from the pub about four years ago, stumbled and knackered mine. I'm lot more grown- up and boring these days and feel I can finally be trusted with another!

Loose Wampa

Small Headed Han- Doesn't have to come with gun but it it does, awesome!

Loose Lumat- I have his accessories, just no him!

Loose Lando General- If an accessory-less nice loose example comes up cheap enough to fit in our budget, I'd like to finally get my hands on one! Like Rancor though I acknowledge this is unlikely. I've written off ever getting a complete one as just too pricey for a tightarse like me!

Not technically vintage as both came out in the '90s I think, but I have a hankering for some SW handheld gaming-

Nintendo Game Boy- The Empire Strikes Back
Nintendo Game Boy Super Return of the Jedi Cartridge

NON STAR WARS (bit naughty but oh well!)

On a gaming note, I'm quite partial to the old Tiger electronics handheld games that came out in the 80s and 90s. The LCD screen ones. They're terrible but I am starting a small collection providing I can find 'em cheap! I have Double Dragon 1&2 and Sonic 1. Happy to get any based on games and movies or anything!

Indiana Jones Annuals (don't have any)

I think I have put enough there for my SS to get a few ideas! If I can think of more in the coming days, I will add to the list. I am honestly happy with anything though!
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Section 8
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Re: SWFUK Secret Santa 2018 Wishlists

Postby Section 8 » Wed Oct 17, 2018 11:48 am

Will need to get lucky on a few of these but who knows.

Minty empty french panini sticker album.
FKS Sticker Album. (Empty preferred but not essential)
Sealed FKS Sticker packet.

Sealed Large Ewok Scene Letra Set.
Unused MPC Snowspeeder Model.
Any vintage shop store display box, stickers, erasers etc.

Easier finds if struggling.

ATAT Chin guns.
Any UKG 80 Figure (must be UKG 80 to please my ocd)
DieCast Ships any complete condition.

Will add more to this over time.

Thank you SS.
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Re: SWFUK Secret Santa 2018 Wishlists

Postby roundster » Wed Oct 17, 2018 8:52 pm

Evening all!

Have been thinking carefully about this list and hope I’m not being too hopeful! Not really sure what some of this stuff costs!!

Would love one of the french adverts - Meccano L’Empire Contre Attaque Press Advert - especially the one with Luke preparing to insert a lightsaber in greedo
Diecast complete ships - any bar cloud car, x-wing or tie fighter
Complete loose micro collection - any!
Luke bespin cardback (or moc if your feeling generous!)
sealed ROTJ transfer sets
Collect all 79 poster
Battle damaged x wing ROTJ palitoy instructions
ROTJ jelly purse things
GW acrylic billy bookcase shelves and some MOC cases (just incase Christian has me!!)
If all else fails just something cool and vintage!!
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Re: SWFUK Secret Santa 2018 Wishlists

Postby plantainman » Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:06 pm

Hopefully there's some bits n bobs amongst this lot that someone can sink their teeth into find success. I appreciate it is a rather specific list so I have tried to be as detailed as possible.

Figures (Figure only is obviously just fine!!)

• Tie fighter Pilot Meccano No Coo (decent ish helmet emblems)
• Chewbacca No Coo LFL 1977 'distance between 7 7' (family 6.1a)
• Chewbacca PBP/Euro No Coo 'D remaining' (family 1.2a)
• Stormtrooper No Coo (Family 4.2b)
• Stormtrooper PBP No Coo (family 3.2a)
• Chief Chirpa Lili Ledy No Coo
• Chief Chirpa No Coo 'LFL 1983' aligned reading DOWN (COO4 on wolffs old guide) (Minty)
• White Bespin Guard No Coo (Minty, w/ good gold)
• Rebel Commander 'MADE IN' __ No Coo (Minty)


• Yellow Bespin Sabers (Need 3)
• Blue rebel blasters (Need 3)
• Chief Chirpa staffs (Need 3)
• Teebo Axes (Need 2)

Failing any of the above

• Any amount of vintage 4-Lom accessories, Mainly chest armour, but capes and snare rifles also of use!

Seasons greetings!


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Re: SWFUK Secret Santa 2018 Wishlists

Postby Jez » Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:12 pm

Firstly, congrats to whoever has got me. I'm currently working away and living at an address that is free to post to from the UK for a parcel up to 2Kgs!! :o 8)
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So what am I after?
Not sure really, It's tricky isn't it, I just like the idea of getting a Star Wars present at Xmas but don't really have anything in mind :oops:
I could be really vague or come up with a really specific list of stuff which might be a bit of a challenge.

I do like the idea of some: Oddball/Beyond the Toys stuff. I have several programs, theatre pieces, annuals and a sticker album. I'll post a photo of the Beyond The Toys stuff I have. I'm sure I'd love anything Vintage which I don't have in the photo?

EDIT: I'm not asking for weapons. Take advantage of the free post and send something heavy :lol: How much are ROTJ Roller Boots, I have no idea :lol:

IMG_1576.JPG (270.65 KiB) Viewed 590 times

Finally, I'd also be delighted to be able to decorate my room (away with work) with some vintage, so a duvet cover etc would be cool.

If in doubt, ask any of the Podcast team, apart from Peter, Peter will tell you I want a puppy and pot noodle.

I hope that's not too bad. Go for it, have fun and Merry New Year :D

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