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Advice for Vintage MoCs

Ask expert collectors for advice on pricing items.
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Advice for Vintage MoCs

Postby Leemcl » Wed Jul 19, 2017 5:48 pm


Grateful for an assessment of prices for these items. I am considering selling - but likely only as a job lot.

Biker Scout Tri Logo AFA Graded 70 EX+
Lando Skiff Tri Logo AFA Graded 75 EX+/NM
R2D2 Sensorscooe Tri Logo AFA 80NM
Luke Jedi UKG Y55 (50/50/90 sub grades )
Obi Wan ESB General Mills 85NM+ ( 03 bubble - debate around if being a Toni )

R2D2 Pop Up Saber POTF MOC
A Wing Pilot POTF MOC
Lando Skiff Nien Numb offer 65bk
B Wing Pilot Coin Offer 77bk

Thanks in advance
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