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Aug 8, 2014
I am the seller.
I've sold a couple of my figures before, all with success and I appreciate the cost involved and value to the Jawa.
I researched the sale of this figure taking some time to photograph and describe the whole story in my listing. I received emails (mostly from the U.S. and Kent!) and responded by altering price and answering questions about paintwork etc.

Just to confirm
The buyer in question has communication skills which leave a lot to be desired.
I accept the buyer has a perfect history, which is why I couldn't understand what happened.

The buyer paid OUTSIDE of eBay first which I refunded.
I have screen shots too.

He slipped in a garbled message to me mentioning 410 which apparently represented an amount I agreed to - which of course I did not. I didn't understand what he was doing as he clearly was not using the eBay system to pay me and then confusion descended about the amount. He then produced text from a message that he claims was sent to me but I did not receive, I apparently agreed to this - even though I hadn't seen this message as it was fictitious.

I left things for the duration of the working day and during that time, I decided to cancel the transaction as I was fed up with the nonsense.
I sent a request to cancel via eBay which was sent out for the buyer to view and agree to. That way I thought it would provoke the response of discussing what was going on.
Instead the buyer chose to ignore the request to cancel, or even ask what was going on and within a couple of minutes quickly clicked the buy it now option.
I couldn't believe he'd just paid when I was wanting to cancel - something I as the seller am within my rights to do. I told him I wanted to cancel the transaction, but he said he's bought it and that is that.
I could've let it go to him but as his comms were so poor, either gibberish or bordering on pestering (even calling my ipad for audio FaceTime). I was fed up of him and more importantly, he showed me a message that I had no knowledge of as it simply did not exist.
Could I trust someone like this to receive my valuable item intact? Will there be countless questions or problems with him afterwards?
Yes he can show you a screenshot showing he bought it in eBay but that was after he tried to buy outside the eBay system and I'd tried to cancel the whole transaction with him.

However many crappy sellers there are out there, there seem to be just as many crappy buyers too. If you take collecting and purchasing seriously, communicate clearly via appropriate means, also don't pester. Don't try for a sneaky deal outside of eBay rules because some sellers don't want that as everyone loses their rights for recompense. If you are spending hundreds on something, act like you are taking it seriously, not just texting from the pub after a few jars. Most of all don't rail road someone into an outside deal, then completely make up a message to justify yourself. Also don't go running to your mates because you've messed up. It is my item to sell and if you don't show you can be trusted then I have a right to withdraw from the deal.

Please don't want to hear anymore about it, it's in the hands of eBay, am no longer selling SW stuff because of this, am gearing up to leave eBay. No comebacks, no questions, leave me alone.
Thank you.


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Aug 8, 2014

PGowdy. Thanks, you've been fair in your posts. A forum is not always the best way to get a point across as I should have learnt over the years. :?

I'm still of the opinion that if a buyer is being a complete dick, the seller has a right to refuse to sell to the aforementioned dick. Just as I suppose the buyer has the right to have his hissy fit on a forum when he doesn't get what he wants.

Still, it makes the internet fun. If I ever get round to selling some of my figures, I'll still lurk or ask questions for advice. :)

From the 'idiot' :lol:
(Life's too short to be offended by 'brave' people at a keyboard)

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