Huge Thank You to both Grant_C and Michael Sith

Stuart Skinner

Sith Lord
Apr 29, 2013
Whilst at Farthest From Grant presented me with a gift of these two pictures that he'd organised for me of Greedo to help start off my Greedo focus, love them really appreciate it buddy.

Also want to say a huge thank you to Michael for doing the pictures, no collection is complete without a Michael Sith picture, thank you ever so much buddy love them. They'll be treasured in my collection.

Great community on here, things like this reiterate that to me.


Michael Sith

Grand Master
Mar 2, 2013
Up North
Glad you liked the pics, I'm always happy if it makes someone smile, but Artist is stretching it a bit ( in the tue sense of the word at least :lol: )

There are some great guys on this forum and I have had some fantastic advice and great deals, in purchases trades and
Swaps. There are too many great guys to mention, but got to give a special mention to Chaz B (Andy) top man, Mumbo, Paul (Stormtrooper), Frank, Uncle Todd of course, loads more, this is a great forum with a great sense of comradery and I am proud to
Be a part of it.

So any pics I do that raise a smile are my way of giving back :D

I have one on the go that's taking its time but will be worth it when done, he's going over the Atlantic :wink:

If anyone wants to swap a pic for a first 12 mail away stand let me know :lol: (joke)

Seriously, if there are any requests, happy to do them, as long as you don't mind waiting!! And it doesn't test me :D


Sith Lord
Sep 27, 2012
Great stuff :) am also the proud owner of 3 Michaelangelo pieces :D


Sith Lord
Aug 27, 2011
Two top pieces there. Nice work fellas. Michaels drawings are fantastic, mine is on display amongst my LXWs and really catches the eye.
Well done lads.

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