The Vintage Rebellion Episode 82 Launched


Sith Lord
Jan 1, 2014

Andy and Chris talk to Eric Walker, author, musician, broadcaster and star of the Ewok movies, Caravan of Courage and Battle for Endor. He shares tales of life on the set, working with Warwick Davis and George Lucas, and how he’s still connected to the galaxy far, far away.

Yes.. you read that correctly. Its Chris Porteous. He's finally been let out! 

This month its Bib Fortuna v AT-ST Driver v R2-D2 Solid Dome v Snaggletooth. Revelations about our red  jump-suited cantina denizen has the boys in a quandary.  Can Andy Spoons Norton win again this month, and what is Jason doing with that poor R2 unit!?

Richard's Riotous Rebel Briefings has the group musing over some new Star Wars Disney+ vintage releases, the return of Echo Live, some moody lighting, Jason pays tribute to a fellow collector and who would we like to see a Cameo from?

Licensee has us remembering Topps and all their trading cards, Pete is astounded that the lads are not quite as frenzied over bubble gum as he was back in the day!

Aside from interviewing this month, Chris Porteous has again delivered a Youtube visual feast for us:

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