The Vintage Rebellion Episode 83 Launched


Sith Lord
Jan 1, 2014

An almighty 4 hours of Vintage Star Wars for Episode 83 and although a little later than normal we thought what better way to release on May 4th*. Our feature interview is with Dan Burgess, who can be found on Generation Skywalker TALKING MODERN MOSTLY! (the traitor), but is also a barmy vintage collector and has adorned the Vintage Rebellion on many occasions in the past.

The Vintage Rebellion Swap Shop takes off with the Marvel ROTJ number 1 with badges getting traded up for - a Canadian ROTJ Nikto MOC... who has something to trade for that?

Spoons tries to one up everyone with his quiz based on Top Trumps. 

The Vintage Rebellion's Jason Smith aka Mr Palitoy has been working with Wayne Totty and Mark Thornicroft on an Echo printed Palitoy Cardback Guide based on his Palitoy cardback website. Andy Preston has also supplied a lot of the pictures for it and we get to find out where to get it (pre-order now live).

Pete talked with Steve Taylor at the Toy Planet who recently had an enormous graded and non graded vintage collection in at the store and hear about how the market of retro/vintage goods is growing.

The licensee section is about Ben Cooper masks and costumes. Worth catching up with the youtube version of the show, lovingly put together by Chris Porteous, which showcases some cracking memories of fancy dress / dressing up / cosplay by some of the lads (Richard would get beaten up for it). 

In Richard's Rebel Briefing the lads also pay tribute to John Kellerman who became one with the force recently. 

The visual edition is here:

Usual version here:

* technically we were late and we used the May 4th to cash in on our guilt

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