The Vintage Rebellion Episode 84 Launched


Sith Lord
Jan 1, 2014

A fully vaccinated panel discuss what constitutes Vintage these days: Jason "Mr Palitoy" Smith is certainly known as a fossil, Andy Preston - ancient, Andy "Spoons" Norton - a relic, Peter Davis - a golden oldie and Richard - northern.

TV's celebrity chef Dean Edwards joins Jason and Andy to talk collecting, conventions, miscards, Toy Toni's, mealtimes Star Wars style, and more.

In Action Figure Face-Off this month its Nien Nunb vs Stormtrooper vs Teebo vs Chief Chirpa. Its the fiercest battle yet and Peter has to like an Ewok!

Richard's Rebel Briefings sees fake BASA stickers, USA convention dates announced, visitations and so much more.

The licensee section looks at ADDIS and Peter uncovers some rather riotous history.

And there's plenty of other stuff, especially the acquisiton of a rare flannel.

This episode can be found on YouTube thanks to Chris Porteous

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